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Subject Please join our fight to save giraffes from extinction
Date November 4, 2021 10:02 AM
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YOU can stand tall for giraffes today!

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Dear John

You’ll be shocked, but the world’s tallest animal is in deadly danger. With no defence against poachers’ spears, gentle giraffes are butchered for meat, or die from grotesque injuries in a cruel snare.

Your gift today can help stop the slaughter.

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It’s a conservation emergency ( [link removed] ) and giraffes are now one of the planet’s most threatened species. It’s hard to comprehend but just 117,000 remain in Africa – a terrible 40% decline in only 30 years.  

These graceful giants are in grave danger, yet their loss has gone under the radar. It’s almost a silent extinction.

With only 16,000 remaining, reticulated giraffes are one of the most endangered sub species ( [link removed] ) – their total population has more than halved in the last 30 years. Kenya is a vital enclave, home to half of these rare giraffes. Around 1,400 live in Meru Conservation Area, our charity’s heartland – where Elsa the lioness, our charity’s original inspiration and a potent symbol of hope – returned to the wild.

Here, there is hope. Your gift today could support our exciting new conservation project ( [link removed] ). We CAN turn it around for giraffes on the brink! A local Twiga* Team will be trained to patrol, stop poaching and remove snares.

How your gift will save lives

£10 could buy a first aid kit for our giraffe field team£50 could pay for an essential giraffe monitoring and protection kit£300 could install camera traps to gather evidence of illegal human activity 

Together, we’ll protect giraffes from dangerous snares, revive habitats and raise awareness of their key role. By browsing trees, giraffes open up habitat, promote new growth, disperse acacia seeds in their dung, propagate trees and stop desertification. They’re eco megastars!

Extinction means forever. Together, let’s help these vast vegetarians tower above the landscape and stroll peacefully through the bushes – free and safe where they belong.

From the Born Free team

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*Swahili for giraffe
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