Dear John


You and I will be paying the price for this Government’s incompetence for years to come. 


Last week’s budget was full of promises and pledges, but none will undo the destruction that this Government has inflicted on our communities and livelihoods. 


A report from the independent Office for Budget Responsibility found that Brexit will hurt the UK’s economy significantly more in the long run than the Covid-19 pandemic. 




The Government’s continued inability to work constructively with our closest neighbours and allies threatens to hit vast swathes of our industry at a time when we can scarcely afford it. And to add insult to injury, Environment Secretary George Eustice has essentially said that he doesn’t care about the consequences of Brexit. 


And despite the fact that they are the architects of so much of this chaos, this Government is doing remarkably little to help ordinary people navigate it. The Chancellor may have reduced the taper rate for Universal Credit, but that still doesn’t reverse the £20 weekly cut it has enacted on the payment. 



This budget has the feel of a government with no long-term plan, other than staying in power. They have no ideas left and no inclination to fix the problems Brexit has caused and looks set to continue causing for British businesses and the people who live on these isles. 


Will you let your MP know that you oppose the Government’s agenda? It’ll take just two minutes to use our quick and easy Hey-MP tool to craft a bespoke message.



Best wishes,

Maheen Behrana

Senior Campaigns and Policy Officer, Best for Britain




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