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What a night last night! I stayed up to watch as more and more Virginia votes rolled in, delivering county after county to Republican Glenn Youngkin. In another tab on my browser, I was refreshing local precinct results in Minneapolis to see whether our state’s largest city would abolish its police department. When I went to bed, I was hopeful.

When I woke up, I was ecstatic! The results were better than I could have hoped for. I take two messages away from the success of Republicans in Virginia, the failure of Defund in Minneapolis, and the success of school board candidates Minnesota Family Council backed, like Matt Audette in Anoka-Hennepin District 4.

The first message is that PARENTS MATTER. As I mentioned in my email yesterday, parents of kids in K-12 schools polled in larger numbers for Youngkin. Why? The spread of Critical Race Theory and the attempt, by Terry McAuliffe and others, to shut parents out of education. That attempt failed in Virginia. My friend Joseph Backholm of Family Research Council put it this way:

Parents are an interest group now. It’s hard to overstate how good this news is. Candidates will now have to be prepared to answer questions about who should be in charge of curriculum, parents or bureaucrats…Ten years from now education could look very different than it does today. If that happens, we’ll look back to tonight as the moment it all started and we’ll all be better for it.

My lesson from the failure of Defund in Minneapolis is simpler: SAFETY MATTERS. Most people in Minneapolis just want to live in peace, without, for example, having their kids sleep on the floor to be safer from gunfire, as some parents do now on Minneapolis’s north side. They know the police are part of that safety net, and they said so clearly with their votes. This is bad news for the radical left.

President Biden was flying back from Glasgow, Scotland, as the results came in. CNN (!) reported the following:

Aboard Air Force One, people familiar with the matter said the mood was grim and a weary Biden team returned to what has become a swirl of recrimination and second-guessing…it has not taken long for finger-pointing and panic to set in among Biden’s allies.

So as I think about last night’s results, I’m looking ahead to next year. As I told you yesterday, if Virginia can put a conservative in the Governor’s office, the Lieutenant governor’s office, the Attorney General's office, and a conservative majority in the lower house of the Virginia legislature, then we can do it here in Minnesota.

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