From James Carville <[email protected]>
Subject is this thing even on?!
Date October 31, 2021 4:01 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Excuse me? Is this thing even on?!

Democrat Danny O’Connor has been working his butt off to hit his $25,000 end-of month goal by midnight — but he has YET to make it over the finish line. So today, I’m coming to you instead: Will you step up and give $3 right now?

CONTRIBUTE $3 » [link removed]?

I don’t need to remind you how important Danny’s race is...flipping seats like this blue is the only way we’ll SAVE the House from the worst dredges of the Republican party.

AND YET? Not enough people have stepped up to elect him! What are we even doing here, John!?

As a lifelong Democratic strategist, I can give it to you straight: To win in states like Ohio, you need the money to take on the GOP’s massive warchest.

They throw all the dark money they can at candidates like Danny to lie about their positions and trick voters!

Danny’s tough though, John: hell, he’s running in one of the most competitive states in the nation, all with a newborn daughter at home!

But he can’t do it without a grassroots team of people like you behind him.

Don’t bury your head in the sand.
Don’t think someone else will do it instead.
Don’t wake up the day after Election Day and wish you’d done more.

Please, don’t let me down here, John. Donate $3 right now to make history, flip Ohio blue, elect Danny, and protect Joe Biden’s agenda »

CONTRIBUTE $3 » [link removed]?
CONTRIBUTE $7 » [link removed]?
Or a custom donation » [link removed]?
Thank you,

James Carville

John, what else do you possibly need me to say?! This is your last chance to donate, you gotta step up now »

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545 E. Town St., Columbus, OH 43215

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