TGIF, bishes.

As Greg Abbott continues to have a Michael Myers-like capacity to be inexorably horrid, we are bracing ourselves for Monday's arguments against the Texas abortion ban at the Supreme Court.

ICYMI — last week the Supreme Court announced that they would hear arguments against SB8 on November 1st, in the meantime allowing the blatantly unconstitutional law to stay in effect... AGAIN. No partisan hackery to see here folks, move along!

These are truly frightening times, most of all for people in Texas who need abortion care right now. But we've gotta stick together like a pack of fifth graders trick-or-treating without adult supervision for the first time, okay?

You can listen to the arguments on Monday live at 10am ET on the SCOTUS website, and join the conversation with Abortion Access Front as we live Tweet while stress eating handfuls of fun size Snickers.

And don't forget to check out the resources here and here for ways you can directly support TX patients, providers, funds, and organizers while this ban continues to wreak havoc on peoples' lives.

In rage and solidarity,


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