John-- I just got our campaign report from our treasurer, and I’m worried because we’re behind pace to hit our budget.

Remember the Democrats moved the Primary up to March. That means we now only have 96 days until ballots are mailed to voters!

I’m leading in the polls, but there are many undecided voters left. We absolutely must close the campaign budget gap ASAP!

If I can get 100 supporters to do $500 (or 1k supporters who can give just $50) we can catch up to where we need to be on the campaign budget.

Can you do any amount right now?

I know you get a lot of asks, but I think you realize THIS campaign is crucial for two reasons. First, we need to win to save this seat from flipping to the Democrats.

Second, our campaign represents a fundamental break with the failed approaches of the establishment California Republican Party leaders. Our campaign represents a fresh energy to FIGHT BACK to reclaim California with innovative technologies, college student recruitment, ballot harvesting, and more. We seek to create a model for how we can wage campaigns to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!

We have SO much on the line with this campaign. Please do whatever you can TODAY to help us catch up!


Carl DeMaio

PS: Besides contributing whatever you can yourself, please get a friend or two to join you in contributing! We rely on supporters like you telling friends about our exciting campaign and bringing new fighters into our movement! Do whatever you can please! Send them to this secure page.