From Dr. Brian Babin <[email protected]>
Subject DOJ Blocks Texas Abortion Law
Date October 28, 2021 10:00 PM
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Biden has once again directed the DOJ to interfere in Texas’s affairs.

After Texas passed the Texas Heartbeat Act, President Biden was quick to announce that he would be using the full force of the federal government against our state. Since then, we have seen the Biden administration, the DOJ, and US District Judges all try to overturn this law.

Biden has shown that his ambition as a President is to completely overrule our Constitution. He has attacked our rights and liberties, enforced unconstitutional vaccine mandates, and now he is using his power as President to try and affect state politics!

PITCH IN TO STAND UP TO BIDEN [[link removed]]

Our state has every right to decide how abortion is handled. As a father myself, I know that there is nothing better in this world than holding your child, which is why I am wholeheartedly in support of the Texas Heartbeat Act!

Biden has no business interfering with the affairs of our state. As a President, he has abandoned our state to fend for itself against the wave of illegal immigration he released upon us. Now as he tries to weigh in on our sovereignty, I know it’s time to take a stand!

CHIP IN TO JOIN THE FIGHT [[link removed]]

Biden has shown time and time again that he does not care about the lives of everyday Texans. However, now as he tries to weigh in on abortion rights, it looks like all he cares about is ending even more Texan lives.

I know I am doing all I can to stop Biden’s overreach and take a stand for the lives of the unborn. As a state, we have every right to continue deciding how abortion will be treated in our state, that’s why I am counting on you to pitch in today and join me in my fight to protect unborn lives in Texas! [[link removed]]

For Texas,

Dr. Brian Babin

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