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Subject Don't forget to join tonight's meeting with Ro Khanna, Keith Ellison, and more!
Date October 25, 2021 11:43 PM
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Insider News from the Frontlines of the Political Revolution!

HEADLINES: Arrested for Voting Rights in DC! | Clash Over Climate
| Bernie: Here’s What’s in the Damn Bill | Oil Execs in Hearing
Hotseat | We Broke Sinema’s Silence | & MUCH MORE!

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The fight to pass progressive policies and restore voting rights
is reaching a fever pitch. We’ve never been so close, but we must
redouble our efforts in order to defeat corporate power and the
rightwing ghouls waging war against democracy. Rush a donation
now to fund our work in this pivotal moment.
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This isn’t hyperbole. Our Revolution and our progressive
inside-outside coalition are laying it all on the line right now
in the fight to save democracy and the planet.

Through direct action and targeted strategy, we’re significantly
advancing two key missions: delivering policy for people’s lives
and making sure they’re able to have a say in how this country

This week, our dogged pressure from the outside drove Sen.
Kyrsten Sinema to finally break her silence on the Budget Bill
and led President Biden to publicly support a Voting Rights
exception for the filibuster.

And, we are nowhere near done.

Our activists are getting arrested at the Capitol, holding
protests coast to coast, and getting out the vote for progressive
candidates up and down the ballot.

These are the battles that will shift the balance of power and
determine how our politics will be shaped for decades to come.
And, it’s our last best chance to address these crises and
prevent a return of right-wing rule.

Be part of this moment by becoming a recurring donor today. We
can leave nothing to chance against the powerful forces trying to
derail these two pieces of historic legislation.
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US Rep. Ro Khanna will guest host a special Town Hall edition of
our weekly national broadcast this Monday, October 25 at 8:30p
ET/5:30p PT.

Khanna will be joined by Our Revolution Board Member Keith
Ellison and a panel of environmental leaders to dive into how our
coalition is fighting to end fossil fuel subsidies and forcing
Big Oil CEOs to testify under oath before Congress about their
decades-long climate disinformation campaign.

RSVP HERE ( [link removed] )

If you have questions for our panel, submit them HERE.
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As corporate interests obscure Budget Bill talks to mere dollar
figures, Bernie is working hard to inform about what’s at stake
so more folks want to join our fight.

In a livestream ( [link removed] ) rally, Bernie
laid out the details of “What’s in the Damn Bill” and explained
why the bill is so critical to people’s lives and the project of

“The worst fear for the ruling class is that people wake up some
day and say, ‘You know what, I am a human being, and I and my
children are entitled to live with dignity.’” Bernie said. “‘Of
course, we are entitled to healthcare, a decent-paying job, and a
livable planet.’”

“When we shape a society around those needs - whoa, that is a
real threat to the ruling class of America,” Bernie said.

He acknowledged that this one bill can’t do everything, but it’s
crucial for our movement to build on and a big step toward
restoring the faith of the American people.

“It’s the beginning of saying maybe we’re going to have a
government that works for working families, radical as that may
be, rather than billionaires who buy elections,” Bernie said.

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Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese and civil
rights leader Ben Jealous were among dozens arrested protesting
outside the White House this week, calling on President Biden to
get more involved in the urgent fight to pass voting rights

The day after the march and mass arrests, to absolutely no one’s
surprise, the GOP filibustered the Freedom to Vote Act, proving
once again that we need to Fix or Nix the Filibuster because GOP
power relies on voter suppression.

This is why we’re calling on Biden and Senate Dems to take
serious action now on the filibuster.

“They have failed to pass substantive legislation, and they are
failing to act now,” Joseph told the Associated Press.
( [link removed] )
“It needs to be made even more clear by the President that he
is 100% on the side of the American people’s most sacred right,
and if that means fixing the filibuster then we must do it for
the sake of our democracy.”

The next day, Biden made his strongest statement
( [link removed] )
yet in favor of carving out an exception in the filibuster for
voting rights “and maybe more.” This is a key step in fighting
the GOP war on voters and opening the door to sidestepping the
filibuster for other priorities like the PRO Act.

“I think what Joe Biden understands is the filibuster is not
written into the Constitution. It is tradition. And tradition
evolves and changes,” Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph
Geevarghese told NPR.
( [link removed] )

“If we don't pass the Freedom to Vote legislation, Democrats are
going to get slaughtered in 2022 and 2024, he said. “If people
can’t get to the polls and exercise their right to vote, our
power is in jeopardy and that's what this is about.”

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As corporate Democrats - like US Sen. Joe Manchin - fight to
strip crucial climate components from the Budget Bill,
progressives are punching back.

On our Monday Night LIVE Broadcast
( [link removed] ), US Rep. Ro Khanna said he’d “make
clear that ending the fossil fuel subsidies is one of our highest
priorities,” during his meeting with President Biden, the
Associated Press
( [link removed] )

Afterwards, The Washington Post
( [link removed] )
broke the news that the White House is considering “a potential
end to tax subsidies for fossil fuel companies.”

This week, Our Revolution will be amping up the pressure because
we won’t let a coal baron dictate our climate policy.

“Climate is at the forefront of our fight right now,” Ro said on
our broadcast, previewing the hearing he’ll hold this Thursday to
interrogate the heads of four of the largest petroleum companies
— ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Chevron.

Khanna summoned the oil execs to testify under oath in front of
Congress on their use of front groups, think tanks,
million-dollar ad campaigns, and teams of lobbyists in D.C. to
spread disinformation about climate science and derail clean
energy legislation.

“This is our moment to hold Big Oil accountable,” Ro said.
“We’re going to ask, ‘Why is it that you had climate scientists
tell you in the 1980s that fossil fuels cause climate change and
yet you lied to the American people denying the climate crisis?’”

Don’t miss our special Town Hall broadcast this Monday at 8:30p
ET/5:30p PT when Ro Khanna and environmental leaders preview the

RSVP HERE! ( [link removed] )

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Speaking of climate action, Our Revolution activists rallied
outside CNN’s Baltimore Town Hall with President Biden Thursday
to insist that he keep his campaign pledge to keep dirty fossil
fuels in the ground.

A highlight was the massive slideshow created by Our Revolution
Maryland’s Phil Ateto on the side of the Center Stage building
while the Town Hall took place just inside.

Pitch in here to help us overcome Big Oil’s dirty campaign to
keep extracting climate-destroying fossil fuels!
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Relentless mass mobilization by Our Revolution and progressive
allies against US Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has compelled her to break
her silence in budget negotiations!

After our activists made the local Arizona TV news, Sinema
finally publicly issued a statement to NBC
( [link removed] )
in direct response to our protest demanding lower drug prices

In addition to our rally ( [link removed] ) for
Medicare Expansion, the Our Revolution Pickup Tour joined the
AFL-CIO and Worker Power Coalition to hold an action
( [link removed] )
demanding Sinema support The PRO Act.

Our work is making a difference, but it’s far from over. There’s
power in numbers, and that’s why thousands of us are rising up to
confront Sinema wherever she can be found, compelling her to
betray her big donors
( [link removed] ) and deliver for
her constituents.

“We want to keep the pressure up - do the personal bird-dogging
when there’s an opportunity, where she’s at a fundraiser or at a
public event - and she has not yet met with us, met with everyday
people in Arizona,” Our Revolution National Field Director Mike
Oles, told The Boston Globe
( [link removed] )
this week. “It’s like a 24/7 vigil here right now for democracy
and for the future of our country and planet.”

★ ★ ★

Our Revolution is fighting back against Kyrsten Sinema’s
obstructionism with protests and mass mobilizations in Arizona.
Please chip in now to help us fight back as we enter the critical
final push to win the Battle over the Budget!
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Our Revolution stands in solidarity with the tens of thousands
of workers striking for better wages and working conditions
around the country in what many are dubbing “Striketober.”
( [link removed] )

Workers at John Deere
( [link removed] )
and Kellogg’s
( [link removed] )
are some of the latest to hit the picket lines as part of a
nationwide strike wave that includes miners at Warrior Met Coal
( [link removed] )
and nurses at Massachusetts’ St. Vincent Hospital
( [link removed] ),
who have been on strike for hundreds of days.

Watching CEO pay and corporate profits soar while frontline
workers are forced to absorb the risks and costs of the pandemic
seems to have been a final straw for many.

Meanwhile, millions are leaving their jobs in a sort of de facto
general strike, and union drives like those at Starbucks
( [link removed] )
and Dollar General
( [link removed] )
continue to gain traction. Just this week, NYC Amazon
( [link removed] )
workers and University of Pittsburgh
( [link removed] )
staff voted to form unions!

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Solidarity is the cornerstone of the political revolution. We
welcome you to become an Our Revolution member today. We are
living through a period of great change, and we invite you to
invest financially to help us build power and meet the challenges
of our time.
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Our Revolution Massachusetts held our Get Out The Vote Rally
( [link removed] )
last week, rallying support for our endorsed slate of 42
progressive candidates ahead of the Nov. 2nd General Election.

Featured on the call were mayoral candidates Michelle Wu in
Boston and Will Mbah in Somerville, and City Council candidate
Quinton Zondervan in Cambridge and Kit Collins in Medford, among
many others.

Sen. Ed Markey said electing these progressive candidates is an
opportunity to “send an unmistakable message to the country that
climate action is a winning issue at the local level.”

★ ★ ★


With Election Day around the corner, NPR
( [link removed] )
featured Justin Bibb in the latest episode of it’s Ideastream
Public Media podcast series “After Jackson: Cleveland’s Next

The piece notes Bibb’s endorsement by Our Revolution and his
ability to draw together a wide coalition to support his
candidacy. And, we’re keeping up the ground-game in Ohio until
the last vote is cast!

★ ★ ★


Our Revolution: New York Progressive Action Network held a
protest targeting NY Dem Party bosses for failing to back
Democratic nominee India Walton in the race for Mayor of Buffalo.

Walton accepted
( [link removed] )
NY Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs’ apology after he had
the audacity to compare her to KKK Grand Wizard David Duke while
refusing to endorse her.

Our mounting grassroots pressure led US Sen. Chuck Schumer to
( [link removed] )
India on Thursday, urging Buffalo voters to go out and cast
their ballot for her on Nov. 2nd.

“India Walton won the Democratic primary fair and square and is
the nominee,” Schumer stated.

Meanwhile, New York’s first female Gov. Kathy Hochul refuses to
take sides in a battle between the woman who won the Democratic
nomination and the four-term incumbent who’s waging a write-in
campaign backed by Trump judges and Republican money.

We got ‘em on the ropes folks. If they can’t beat us, maybe
they’ll join us. We hope you’ll join the fight by signing up to
phone bank for India Walton HERE.
( [link removed] )

★ ★ ★

CONGRATS! Our Wisconsin Revolution Executive Director Andre
Walton will now represent District 10 on the Sheboygan City

Walton was elected by his fellow councilmembers to fill the seat
of longtime Councilman Jim Bohren, who resigned from the position
last month.

“My experience through citizen lobbying has taught me the
importance of civic engagement, and how to effectively build
relationships to get things done,” Andre told the Sheboygan Press

( [link removed] )
. “That is why talking to constituents and working together to
bring positive change to our community is so important to me.”

★ ★ ★

The ultra-wealthy and mega-corporations have endless resources
to spend against us - but we have the people!

If everyone reading this right now takes action to become a
monthly donor, we can grow our movement in ways that completely
shift the dynamic of this David vs. Goliath battle over who our
government works for. We are taking back our Democracy, and we
hope you will invest in our strategy and mission to build power
for all of us.

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A meeting tomorrow could determine whether the California
Democratic Party keeps taking money from fossil fuels and police,
Amar Shergill, chair of the state party’s Progressive Caucus,
told our Monday Night LIVE Broadcast.
( [link removed] )

Shergill said California progressives are fighting to create
progressive party that “does not take that money, does not ‘clean
it’ and cycle it to legislators that then go in and block the
bills we need to create a just society and protect the future
habitability of our planet.”

The Party has ignored it’s own committee recommendations from
2020 - refusing to take a vote on them while going on to take
another $330,000 from Big Oil, according to Shergill. So he and
seven other party chairs are holding their own executive board
meeting tomorrow to move the measure forward.

This is the critical work that alters the mechanics of the Party
- where it gets its power and who it serves as a result. People
power is at the core of our mission, and it’s why we’re building
powerful progressive blocs at every level of the Democratic Party
across the country.

PROGRESSIVE PRIORITIES! ( [link removed] )

★ ★ ★

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Help us make the New York City Council more progressive! We are
partnering with the Working Families Party for a Canvass to
support Felicia Singh in her City Council race. We will canvass
on the last two Saturdays before the November 2nd election.

RSVP HERE ( [link removed] )

★ ★ ★

Join us as we call Our Revolution members in Buffalo to make
sure they get out to vote for India Walton - the Democratic
nominee for Buffalo Mayor. Sign up and you will receive follow-up
information for how to join our phone banks!

RSVP HERE ( [link removed] )

★ ★ ★

Join Our Revolution Ohio as we canvas for Justin Bibb for Mayor
of Cleveland and talk to voters about voting Yes on Issue 24, the
Safer Cleveland Initiative!

RSVP HERE ( [link removed] )

★ ★ ★

Join Our Revolution New Jersey to knock doors for our
nationally-endorsed candidates in Jersey City - longtime union
organizer Joel Brooks and progressive Council member James
Solomon to Council in Ward E!

RSVP HERE ( [link removed] )

★ ★ ★

Join Our Revolution Board member Keith Ellison, Rep. Ilhan Omar,
Minneapolis City Council candidates Jeremiah Ellison and Phillipe
Cunningham as we door knock Minneapolis in support of our
endorsed candidates!

RSVP HERE ( [link removed] )

★ ★ ★

Join Our Revolution Maryland in Greenbelt as we canvass for our
nationally-endorsed candidate, Colin Byrd, for Mayor of
Greenbelt, MD!

RSVP HERE ( [link removed] )

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ACT NOW! The Budget Bill is a battle on all fronts. The most
powerful people on earth are aligned against us, but we’re
consolidating progressive power to fight for every priority. It’s
now or never to get this transformative, planet-saving
legislation over the finish line.

Call your member of Congress and tell them it’s time to deliver
our priorities!
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