From Abbie Smith <[email protected]>
Subject Dispelling the rumors and moving onward
Date October 28, 2019 10:00 AM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.

In this week’s#AbbieForMayor <[link removed][0]=68.ARC6UzjuzdtVqTHuHnDSSCa-fMW9HbiByYLLRFD7ZDbZ10ZZRaQNetd9XvZ1CHtpaVWPcetmRhzgP3gUQX2nYTOmtwZIJueRAEf_9r6eUgkSsmtPAz6ordibCF8SoScxm50IOeUGdXbvec1kQT6XYyYq1jvnceHOHlxa-7055XVicfgSlBnghln28iUFFxUhe8NH4ALyNnup1j4T2Oi267jqABIgQblL053C_md-7mOB9Un82hVAF8n0gNIO74w_bgQtEqKsnKFSXV0PRke9aH4UByM_b9ZtrvQ0JmY_ntO4MeDIey8zuirRO1SsT434VOxS7Boj8Qs8qoP8u6yGgik&__tn__=K-R>#CoffeeClub <[link removed][0]=68.ARC6UzjuzdtVqTHuHnDSSCa-fMW9HbiByYLLRFD7ZDbZ10ZZRaQNetd9XvZ1CHtpaVWPcetmRhzgP3gUQX2nYTOmtwZIJueRAEf_9r6eUgkSsmtPAz6ordibCF8SoScxm50IOeUGdXbvec1kQT6XYyYq1jvnceHOHlxa-7055XVicfgSlBnghln28iUFFxUhe8NH4ALyNnup1j4T2Oi267jqABIgQblL053C_md-7mOB9Un82hVAF8n0gNIO74w_bgQtEqKsnKFSXV0PRke9aH4UByM_b9ZtrvQ0JmY_ntO4MeDIey8zuirRO1SsT434VOxS7Boj8Qs8qoP8u6yGgik&__tn__=K-R>, I dispel a few social media rumors & pivot to focusing on what is important in#OurCity <[link removed][0]=68.ARC6UzjuzdtVqTHuHnDSSCa-fMW9HbiByYLLRFD7ZDbZ10ZZRaQNetd9XvZ1CHtpaVWPcetmRhzgP3gUQX2nYTOmtwZIJueRAEf_9r6eUgkSsmtPAz6ordibCF8SoScxm50IOeUGdXbvec1kQT6XYyYq1jvnceHOHlxa-7055XVicfgSlBnghln28iUFFxUhe8NH4ALyNnup1j4T2Oi267jqABIgQblL053C_md-7mOB9Un82hVAF8n0gNIO74w_bgQtEqKsnKFSXV0PRke9aH4UByM_b9ZtrvQ0JmY_ntO4MeDIey8zuirRO1SsT434VOxS7Boj8Qs8qoP8u6yGgik&__tn__=K-R>.

Over the next few days, we have a big decision to make. It’s not just between two candidates, it’s a choice between two very different approaches for Kokomo.

Watch the entire video here. <[link removed]>

Have a wonderful week, and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to let me know! 

Don’t forget to vote!! Expanded Early voting begins tomorrow. Click here for the full list of hours. <[link removed]>

In your service,


PS I need your help. There is no bigger need right now than ensuring we have volunteers. Please sign up to give just a few hours of your time in the final days by clicking here. <[link removed]>

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