From Our Revolution <[email protected]>
Subject end the filibuster to prevent economic collapse and save democracy
Date October 20, 2021 9:12 PM
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Raising the debt ceiling is necessary to pay
for our existing debt from money Congress already authorized to
spend, and failing to do so could result in the United States
defaulting and causing a massive global economic crisis.

A few weeks ago, we nearly reached default because Republicans
were threatening a filibuster until they backed off at the last
minute and allowed a temporary extension through December 3rd to

We can’t allow Republicans to continue to use the
filibuster — a racist relic from the Jim Crow era — to hold a
metaphorical gun to the head of the global economy and prevent
protections for voting rights.

Add your name here to demand that Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema
stop standing in the way of ending the filibuster so that we can
protect our economy and preserve American democracy!
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In West Virginia and Arizona, there is no “moderate”
constituency of voters who want the global economy or American
democracy to collapse due to an authoritarian push from an
increasingly fascist Republican Party.

There is absolutely no constructive excuse for Joe Manchin and
Kyrsten Sinema to keep allowing the filibuster to enable
Republican obstruction.

The major beneficiaries of the filibuster are powerful corporate
special interests who use it to block any new regulation that
could reduce their profits. Are corporate profits really worth
more than preventing a global depression or an authoritarian
takeover of the United States? The answer should be obvious to
every patriotic American.

Defend our economy and our democracy by signing here to tell
corporate Democrats to end the racist filibuster.
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In solidarity,

Our Revolution


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