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Subject John, the giants of Africa urgently need your help
Date October 20, 2021 11:46 AM
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Save Africa’s Giants: Donate now to stop the killing - Extinction means forever.

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Dear John

Africa runs red with the blood of thousands of elephants and giraffe, viciously killed by poachers, or mercilessly speared in retaliation. Born Free’s ground-breaking conservation work at our charity's heartland in Meru, Kenya - where Elsa the lioness was returned to the wild, works tirelessly and fearlessly to stem the tide. But we desperately need your help.

It’s monstrous but, every year, 35,000 elephants are killed for their tusks by ruthless, well-armed poachers. That’s one elephant killed every 15 minutes – unbelievable. Entire families gunned down due to shameful, human greed for ivory.

Meanwhile, giraffes are in big trouble. Populations are plummeting due to poaching, a shocking 40% lost in just 30 years. Individuals are shot, speared or suffer lingering deaths in lethal wire snares – killed for their meat, skins, even their tails. 

But there is hope. If we act now, we can save these iconic species. ( [link removed] )

Born Free’s conservation work in Meru has made huge strides for lions. Numbers are up. Elsa’s pride is flourishing. Nature is restoring itself. Now we MUST turn our efforts to our gentle giants. A world without elephants and giraffes is simply unimaginable. We must Save Africa’s Giants. ( [link removed] )

Our fearless and heroic Meru team are working with local communities to stop conflict and keep elephants and giraffes safe. Born Free Guardians are protecting these iconic species from poachers and rushing to the aid of trapped animals. But we need your help to continue this lifesaving work. Please support our urgent new appeal today. ( [link removed] )

Your gift today can help save these gentle giants from extinction: ( [link removed] )

£10 could buy a first aid kit for our elephant & giraffe field team£50 could pay for an essential giraffe monitoring and protection kit£200 could create a ‘bee fence’ of hives to deter elephants from raiding farms£300 could install camera traps to gather evidence of illegal human activity£1,500 could support our de-snaring team and their vehicle for a full month

DONATE TODAY! ( [link removed] )

Elephant emergency
Africa runs red with elephants’ blood, with a catastrophic decline:
1979 – 1.3 million
1989 – 600,000
Today – 420,000 (with 500 in Meru)

Giraffes on the brink
Numbers decimated by human expansion, illegal hunting & war:
1985 – 150,000
1999 – 140,000
Today – 117,000 (with 1,400 in Meru)

DONATE TODAY! ( [link removed] )

PS It is your gift that will make all the difference to help stop people who want to hunt and kill. Act now before it is too late. Extinction means forever! THANK YOU.

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