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Date October 18, 2021 4:33 PM
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Liberal Democrats Your exclusive October briefing is here 🔶

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John’s October Briefing from the Liberal Democrats.

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Black History Month

October is Black History Month, and that's an opportunity to celebrate the
ways society is better for the contributions of Black people - and to reflect
on how much further we have to go.

Read Ed's message now:

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In this edition

* Black History Month
* Sarah Green's maiden speech
* On social media
* Ad: Lib Dem Podcast
* In the press
* Standing up for refugees
* Ad Lib
* Join us today

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Sarah Green MP's maiden speech

Our newest MP made her maiden speech in the Commons!

Sarah paid tribute to her predecessor, took the government to task on its
mishandling of HS2 and its anti-democratic Elections Bill, and vowed to listen
to her constituents, however they voted.

If you want to read her full speech, click below:

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Our best hits on social media

* Our newest party film
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* Stop Michael Gove drilling for oil in Surrey
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* Boris Johnson has failed our country.
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* How the PM stole Christmas <[link removed]>

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Ad: Listen to the Lib Dem Podcast!

Get the latest news, advice, campaign tips and commentary on UK and global
events from regular panellists - or interview with brilliant guests!

It's the perfect accompaniment to delivering a round of leaflets, commuting
or just relaxing at home.

Join the conversation today! Also available on Apple
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Listen now on Spotify  ➜
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In the Press

* Patients face postcode lottery to see GP (Mirror)
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* Lib Dems: Government is abandoning deprived communities (i News)
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* Conservative voters feel Blue Wall taken for granted (Mail)
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* Government cuts climate aid by £100m - in the year we host COP26 (i News)
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Standing up for refugees

We're hugely proud of the work Liberal Democrats have done across Britain to
make Afghan refugees feel welcome and get on with their new lives.

One of the many Lib Dem-led councils who have stepped up to do the right
thing is Milton Keynes. They've written about their experience for Ad Lib - you
can find out more below:

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On Ad Lib

* Conference in 2022 <[link removed]>
* The new political season
<[link removed]>
* Four broken Conservative climate promises
<[link removed]>

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Are you with us?

John, we need you.

Whether it's the rule of law, governance by consent or simply common decency,
the Conservatives have abandoned all their principles.Will you join us today
and stand against them?

Join today  ➜ <[link removed]>

It would be wrong not to mention the tragic events that unfurled in Southend
the other day.Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Sir David Amess
MP, and we will not be contesting the resultant by-election.

The vast majority of Liberal Democrats - and indeed all party activists - are
volunteers.The right to be so without the threat of violence isn't much to ask.

If you're a party member and have been affected by these events, you can get
supporthere. <[link removed]> And
if you do have any other questions - please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,
Dan Schmeising (he/him)
Email Marketing Manager
Liberal Democrats

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