Kyrsten Sinema's erratic behavior is a serious threat to the Democratic Party.
A climatologist from Sinema's home state of Arizona told The New York Times simply: “We need the funding.” He added that “Many communities in Arizona lack the budget or expertise to do this. It requires real money. And it's super important for Arizona.”
A month ago Kyrsten Sinema seemingly agreed. She told The Arizona Republic that “We know that a changing climate costs Arizonans. And right now, we have the opportunity to pass smart policies to address it — looking forward to that.”
However now Sinema wants to gut at least $100 billion in major progressive climate change funding.
We are doing everything we can to persuade Sinema to stand with the Democratic majority and pass historic climate change legislation, because this may be our last opportunity before the climate warms beyond repair.
If the chorus is loud enough, she'll have no choice but to do what's right for the future of the planet.
But right now, we're still $1,301 short from hitting this week's vital fundraising deadline.
Please, we're reaching out to you personally. You worked so hard to make sure that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris defeated Donald Trump in 2020 and that real Senate champions like Raphael Warnock could give us a 50/50 Senate that would be an engine for real change.
And now, we need you to help us give progressives in Arizona and across the country the tools they need to remind Kyrsten Sinema what a real Democrat looks like with a powerful grassroots pressure campaign.
Will you donate right now and join us in demanding Kyrsten Sinema save our planet?
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Thank you for all your help with this, folks.
- When Democrats Turn Out

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