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Subject Survival Sunday: October 17, 2021
Date October 17, 2021 9:02 AM
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Survival Sunday: October 17, 2021

Happy weekend, friends!

Survival Sunday is a round-up of the week's news and resources for
folks who are interested in being prepared. This curated collection of
information is only available to email and Patreon subscribers.

Have a great week ahead!



Our sweet Bella passed away on Monday, October 11.

My family and I thank you so much for all of your kind wishes, thoughts,
and prayers throughout her illness. Although it's heartbreaking that the
tumor consumed her so quickly, we are also thankful she didn't linger in
pain and suffer for a long time.

We adopted Bella at the age of 9 months from a family who couldn't keep
her. We chose her shortly after my children's father passed away and she
consoled our entire family with her sweet nature.

Bella was always up for an adventure and lived in three different
countries, as well as traveling across the United States from one coast
to the other four times in the Jeep. Everyone who met her knew that she
was pure light.

She was 11 years old when she died. Rest well, sweet girl. We will love
your gentle, happy, loving spirit forever, Bella. Our lives will never
be the same without you.


I wrote this earlier in the week and posted it on social media but I
know many of you are not social media fans. I thought maybe someone
else. might benefit from reading it. It's a bit raw, so if the
occasional cuss word offends you, you may wish to skip over it.

This year has been a bitch. And consistency is the only thing that has
saved me.

I'm not saying it's been more of a bitch for me than for anybody else.
We're living through challenging times, all of us. The barrage of grief
and stress and anguish is nearly constant. The pain of others takes its
toll, too.

But you just keep going.

I have lost 5 family members (and yes, I'm counting my beautiful dog in
there). I've lost multiple non-family members too.

My business got hit HARD by a false and defamatory accusation that
caused us to lose a major stream of income.

I learned the hard way why people like me don't sue huge companies with
endless pockets for defamation, even when we would win the case hands
down. That is, of course, if going to court didn't cost money and
wealthy corporations didn't play dirty. The justice system is, in fact,
not blind.

A smarter person would probably say, fuck this, and just walk away,
leaving the explosion blazing behind them.

But I didn't. I have people who depend on me. I have a team that has my
back. What kind of person would I be if I didn't have theirs?

So every day, no matter how mentally bruised and beaten I felt, I got up
and I did what made my business grow. I consistently published content
and got it out to the people who want to read it.

This isn't special. It's no monumental thing or deep, dark secret.

Consistency is the most basic principle there is in business and in
life. And all of us - ANY of us - can do it.

It's just a matter of showing up no matter what. Of fighting through
another day and then another. Of thinking outside the hits you keep
taking, of putting out fires, of patching holes, of doing whatever you
must to keep going.

No matter what your goal is - to get out of financial trouble, to run a
business, to be part of a successful relationship, to build a team, or
to just fucking survive another day, it's consistency that will get you

It isn't fancy. It isn't fun. It isn't glamorous or sexy.

It's just plain real.

You just...



One day you'll look back and that fire behind you will be nothing but
ash. And you, my friend, will still be there because you kept going.



This Weekend ONLY...

Things in the world are pretty crazy right now and many of us are
looking for guidance. We're navigating an entirely new situation with
the media-and-politician-fueled divisiveness. We're watching our economy
collapse in a series of moves so ridiculous it's difficult to imagine
that they're not deliberate. Neighbor is turning against neighbor.
Supplies are getting more difficult to acquire, and if you can find
them, they cost a heck of a lot more.

And it's just getting worse every time you look at the news.

Well, Selco has been in a very similar position to where we are right
now. He suggested that we discuss the similarities between the months
and weeks leading up to the Balkan War and the things happening in the
United States of America right now. So, we recorded a 40-minute webinar
(complete with a transcript for clarity) discussing what happened then,
what's happening now, and what we can all do about it.

You can get it here:
[link removed]

You may find you still have questions and that's where our early bird
bonus comes in. If you make your purchase of this webinar between now
and October 18, 2021, you can ask Selco any question you want. We'll be
recording a follow-up webinar with all of your questions and you'll
receive that recording within two weeks. Generally, people say they get
just as much from the follow-up webinar as they did the original one
because others ask questions they hadn't even considered.

Go here to grab Selco's webinar: History Lessons: The Anatomy of a
Slow-Burning SHTF
You'll be glad you got Selco's sage advice and you'll also get the
chance to have him personally answer a question for you.

Your purchase supports Selco and The Organic Prepper website. We thank
you sincerely for keeping us going and promise to continue bringing you
fresh content to help you through the days ahead.

Buy Now and Help Support Our Preparedness Community


You know, I'm not even sure how to preface this section anymore. There
used to be kind of a theme to the week. The theme now is "everything is
batcrap crazy and getting worse."

* Use a translating app to read this article from Germany titled
"Supermarkets Are Allowed to Lock Out Unvaccinated People

* This article, "Empty Christmas Stockings? Don't Blame Covid, Blame
was "fact-checked as false"

by Facebook. However, a quick Duck Duck Go search shows that bill making
life difficult on owner-operators

and the fact that the DMV is NOT registering their vehicles

* New York is getting rid of gifted programs at school
So that way, instead of lifting struggling kids up, they're pushing
intelligent kids down. Way to make mediocrity great again.

* The glorification of hatred and cruelty against the unvaccinated


* Tonight The Survival Preppers are going to live stream at 7:30 EST.
The topic: Who Is the REAL Enemy of the State
? It should be a really
good episode. Will I see you in the chat? Go here to set your reminder.

* Joe Rogan NAILED Sanjay Gupta and got him to admit CNN was lying about
aspects of Covid and treatments
. Fox gleefully
discusse d the
confrontation. Unsurprisingly, Gupta promptly backpedaled

on CNN, which, of course, misportrayed the entire interview

* Not many people are talking about the global energy crisis, but you
may find your heating bills are positively obscene this winter

Here are some other articles you may enjoy.

* Storage and Shelf-Life of OTC Medication

* My friend Greg Ellifritz has been writing the Weekend Knowledge Dump
for 500 weeks straight. Check out #500 here.

* There's Not Just One Way to Prep

* Bernie from The Apartment Prepper is FINALLY off supplemental oxygen

after her severe bout with Covid!

* How to Turn Your Home into a Homestead

[link removed]

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This Week's Articles

The Organic Prepper
* Here's What You Need to Build a Forager's Toolkit
by Aden

* SELCO: "A lot of things that "can never happen there" are happening
there" by Selco

* What's the REAL Threat to Public Health?
by Jeff

* The History of Shortwave Radio in Fighting Propaganda

by Aden

* So Many Things We Take for Granted Change During a Crisis
by Jose

* Supply Chain Shortages: How to Prep & CREATE Your Own Supply Chains

by Daisy

The Frugalite
* The Frugalite Holdout: Things I Refuse to Get Rid O
f by Colette

* Preserving Apples: 3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Local Fruit This Winter
by Daisy

* 40 Thrifty and Surprising Uses for BREAD TAGS
by Colette

* What People Ate During the Great Depression

by Joanna



I want to do an article on businesses with patriotic values. Share a
link to your favorite business that loves America and shows it. I want
to give folks options for putting their money where their mouth is and
help these businesses thrive despite the current culture of crony
corporatism and wokeness-to-the-point-of-madness.

For the record, I find that a lot of the businesses that pretend to be
so politically correct are just using it as a marketing tactic. If they
actually cared about people of color they wouldn't have their products
made in sweatshops under horrific conditions.

So - which are your favorite businesses that I can feature on the
website that folks across the country can support? Hit reply to this
email and let us know! (Please include links if possible.)

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