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Subject Anti-Warnock donor says swastika is just “artistic protest”
Date October 16, 2021 2:33 PM
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Hi folks,

Hershel Walker— the ex-football player whose domestic violence and financial malfeasance rap sheet impressed even Donald Trump, who is all-in for Walker to replace Raphael Warnock in the Senate— just cancelled a $500-per-ticket fundraiser hosted by a longtime GOP donor whose Twitter profile picture featured a swastika made of COVID-19 vaccine syringes until just days ago.

The donor said “I specifically chose that symbol as an artistic protest.”

This is just the latest example that proves Hershel Walker has a blank check from hatemonger Donald Trump's riled up extremist base. CBS reports that in the first five weeks of his campaign, Walker has raised a jaw-dropping $3.7 million.

Raphael Warnock poses such a serious threat to the GOP establishment that Republicans are running anybody they can find who can galvanize Trump's best friends: The Proud Boys. Remember, members of The Proud Boys have repeatedly threatened Warnock's life online, writing “Dead men can't pass laws.”

The Proud Boys represent the only path forward for the Party of Trump. And if Herschel Walker successfully steals Warnock's Senate seat, Mitch McConnell will regain control of the Senate overnight. That means: Goodbye, gun reform. Goodbye, voting rights. Hello, emboldened Proud Boys. Hello, Trump 2024.

But CNN recently declared Warnock 2022's #1 most vulnerable Democrat. Now, we're doing everything we can to re-elect Warnock, and hundreds of people have donated, but up against Trump & Co's millions, progressives are in for the electoral fight of our lives. We need absolutely everybody to go all-in to reelect Raphael Warnock.

Please, there has never been a more important time to donate than RIGHT NOW. You stepped up time and again, BIG TIME, in 2020. But with the future of America hanging in the balance of the US Senate and Trump's pending return to politics, we're asking you personally: Please rush us $1, $5, $25, $100, anything you can spare right now.

This cannot wait, folks: Please, we need you to take a moment right now to chip in $5, $10, $25, or even more to protect Raphael Warnock, defend our fragile 50/50 Senate Majority, put Trump's hand-picked disaster artist back on the bleachers, and FINALLY get this country back on the right track. >> [link removed]

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Thank you for watching Raphael Warnock's back, folks. Thank you for everything.

- When Democrats Turn Out

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