This is a big, historic moment for our country and the planet. Congress is on the cusp of passing the Build Back Better Act, a transformative law that will dramatically improve people’s lives and finally take bold action to confront the climate crisis.

With our narrow Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, and with Republicans and even a few Democrats lamenting that $3.5 trillion is too much spending, we’ve got our work cut out for us. We’ll keep emphasizing that the bill is fully paid for, adds zero to the national debt, and covers a 10-year period which makes it only a modest increase in federal spending. But the key to winning this vote is not these technical rebuttal points; it’s focusing on what the bill actually does to transform people’s lives.

The Build Back Better Act will make childcare and paid family and medical leave universal benefits for every American family. It improves access to affordable healthcare -- expanding Medicare by lowering the eligibility age, covering hearing, vision, and dental, and lowering prescription drug costs. And it includes bold new initiatives to decarbonize our economy and create millions of new green jobs, while ensuring that 40% of these investments benefit communities that have disproportionately borne the economic, health, and environmental effects of climate change.

I’m on a mission to fight for this bill and to make sure everyone understands what’s in it. And with your support today, I can keep up that fight and help get the Build Back Better Act to President Biden’s desk.

Will you support my work in Congress by making a contribution right now — so my progressive colleagues and I can win our re-election campaigns and keep standing up for the issues you care about most?

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I am doing everything I can to get the message out about this transformative legislation. You may have caught my recent appearances on cable news, heard my radio interviews, or read about my work in newspapers large and small in an effort to build support for the Build Back Better Act.

Among the bill’s many important provisions, the permanent extension of this year’s child tax credits would cut child poverty in this country by 40%, ensuring that tens of millions of children get the food, clothing, and housing they need.

Because we are running out of time in our fight to preserve a livable planet, nothing is more important than the bill’s climate and clean energy reforms. This will be far and away our country’s largest-ever investment in confronting the climate crisis through clean energy, zero-emission transportation, building efficiency, drought and coastal resiliency, and more.

All of that barely scratches the surface of what is contained in this landmark bill, but you get the point.

The Build Back Better Act is just too important not to pass, which is why I’m putting it all on the line to get this done. You can help me and my allies in Congress by donating today. We need your support now more than ever!





Congressman Jared Huffman represents California's 2nd District, which spans from the Golden Gate Bridge north to the Oregon border. As a Democratic leader, Jared is committed to protecting our environment, fighting for access to affordable healthcare and equality for all Americans. In accordance with public health guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Jared has suspended all in-person campaign events and is relying on support from his grassroots contributors to power his campaign. Click here to support Jared's campaign with a contribution today, or sign on to become a sustaining supporter by making a monthly contribution. 

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