From Harmeet Dhillon, Center for American Liberty <[email protected]>
Subject Should Barbies be Gender Neutral?
Date October 14, 2021 2:00 AM
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Gavin Newsom has gone off the deep end with his most recent tyrannical left

He started by shutting down small businesses.  


Then, he decided to shut down your right to express your political and
religious beliefs in public.


But his most recent, and perhaps most insane, move is to force stores like
Target and Walmart to create a“gender-neutral toy section.”


What even is a “gender-neutral toy section?!”


For Newsom, it wasn’t enough to shut down all schools and then mandate
government-run schools to teach transgender propaganda – he's now taking his
radical agenda to big box retailers.


You’d think the governor of the state of California would have something
better to do than scrutinizing how and where Walmart displays toys...


But Newsom seems incapable of stopping his urge to misuse government
power—treating every inch of the state as his own personal fiefdom.


At the end of the day, we see his overarching plan. He wants to regulate every
part of your life and will continue to encroach upon your liberties, and the
rights of businesses small & large.


What this leads to is a socialist nightmare where Newsom and other wannabe
tyrants get to control EVERY aspect of your life.


John, the reason I am emailing you about this is that I need your opinion:


Do you want Gavin Newsom wasting your taxpayer dollars mandating
“gender-neutral toy aisles” in private businesses?
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At this point, we already have several open lawsuits against Gavin Newsom and
his administration...


So, we know how Newsom operates, but if we are going to take any further legal
action against his radical mandates, we’ll need you to be behind us every step
of the way.


Thank you so much for your continued support.



Harmeet K. Dhillon
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