From Alert re: Terry McAuliffe! <[email protected]>
Subject Terry is personally asking...
Date October 14, 2021 12:17 AM
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John – Terry McAuliffe has PERSONALLY asked you to step up and help protect Democratic strongholds like Virginia, but polls are TIED and we’re still waiting for your gift to ensure we reach our $75,000 mid-month match goal by Friday at midnight!

"Our race is a toss up, please donate before midnight." – Terry McAuliffe

McAuliffe 49%
Youngkin 48%

Donate Now

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Name: John xxxxxx
Supporter ID: 1706402
Made a matched donation today to protect Democratic strongholds?: PENDING

Terry McAuliffe is counting on YOU to rush $1 today (and have your donation MATCHED up to our own $75,000 mid-month goal) to win critical races like the TIED election in Virginia and defeat Republicans across the country.

Rush $1 now and have it MATCHED

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John: this is a critical moment not just for Virginia, but for the Democratic Party as a whole. Losing Virginia’s governorship would give Republicans control of elections in a key swing state that Democrats rely on to win everything from the presidency to Congressional majority. If Republicans flip this blue state red, they’ll have a base right outside the nation’s capital to launch their shameful attacks on voting rights while DESTROYING our chances in 2022.

Races like this are winnable, but we need Democrats to step up and show our grassroots strength. And Terry McAuliffe is asking for YOUR help.

Right now, we’re falling short of our crucial $75,000 mid-month match goal – and counting on YOU to help close the gap.

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Please, John, before our deadline, will you donate $1 to help reach our critical $75,000 goal by midnight on Friday? Every dollar you can spare will be matched up to our goal to help secure Democratic victories.

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