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Subject Did you see what Nancy Pelosi said late last night?
Date October 12, 2021 6:58 PM
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[1]Pramila Jayapal

We can't believe this.

[ [link removed] ]Tweet from CNN correspondent Manu Raju: Pelosi says she's disappointed
House not moving ahead with $3.5T package, promises smaller package will
be transformative and reiterates key decisions need to be made in the next
few days

Democrats should NOT leave child care, paid leave, universal pre-K,
community college, affordable housing, Medicare expansion, climate action,
and a roadmap to citizenship for Dreamers behind. We CAN’T leave working
families and those struggling to get by behind.

So why is Speaker Pelosi suggesting we should allow a couple of
conservative Democrats to leave behind popular cornerstone policies of the
$3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act? We need to deliver.

Pramila has been leading the progressive fight in Congress and urging her
colleagues to protect desperately needed economic relief for the American
people and urgent action to address the climate crisis. Democrats should
not be negotiating against themselves. We should be passing President
Biden’s popular Build Back Better Act and delivering for the people.

[ [link removed] ]If you’re still with Pramila in the fight for President Biden’s entire
Build Back Better Act, please fuel her work with a $3
donation today. Our people and our planet can’t afford to wait any longer
for serious, transformative action.

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While corporations spend millions of dollars to lobby Congress AGAINST
long-overdue investments in children, families, workers, and seniors, so
many in our country are afraid of being left behind.

Just look at this New York Times headline: ‘We Suffer While You Debate’:
Many Fear Being Left Behind as Democrats Trim Spending Bill

The people elected Democrats so we could deliver for them. That means
expanding Medicare, securing universal child care, pre-K, and community
college, fighting climate change, and investing in affordable housing.
Pramila won’t stop fighting to deliver for the people, no matter what
corporations, the GOP, and a few conservative members of her own party do
to try and stop her.

[ [link removed] ]Pramila needs your support at this critical moment in the fight for
the Build Back Better Act. Can you chip in $3 to support
the fight to hold the line and deliver economic relief for the people?

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In solidarity,

Team Jayapal


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