Why every day is World Mental Health Day here at CALM

There’s always some kind of day to think about, from mate’s birthdays and holidays, to National Pizza Day (now that’s one we can get behind). World Mental Health Day is just one out of 365 of them. We know talking about things helps, but real change also takes action. 

That's why, today, like every day, we’ll be focusing on action not awareness, and you can too.

Take a moment to say “Stay”

One word, one message, one call, can mean another day alive. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or any other day, join CALM and let someone know you want them to #Stay.
“I stayed and now I know that there's people out there that care about me," Nicol says. "I value my life so much more than I ever did.” Watch his story below.
Help us share Stay

Take time with your mates

Want to do something for a friend today? You don’t need to make a grand gesture. Drop your mate a message to show you’re there. Double down (gently) if someone tells you they’re okay and you’re not sure they are - just a simple “you sure you’re good?” can go a long way. 

Worried about someone?

Take a look at our campaigns

We campaign for mental wellbeing all day err day and this year’s been no different. From partnering with SEAT to learn the Language of Listening, to teaming up with Carling to show that football is more than a game, we’re shouting louder than ever about what people can do for themselves and their loved ones. The Campaign Against Living Miserably never stops. 


Just £8 will answer a potentially life-saving call, so if you want to take action this World Mental Health Day, do something you love to raise some cash for our services. From burping the national anthem to fund-raving, have a bit of fun and do whatever tickles your pickle. 

Join us


Today can feel overwhelming for all sorts of reasons. If you’re going through something shitty, the endless posts on emotional health can weigh pretty heavy. If you want to talk on World Mental Health Day, or any day in fact, then CALM is here. 

Need support?

Take a walk 

Join us on the 30th October as we walk united against suicide, smashing the silence around mental wellbeing and remembering loved ones. Walk with hundreds of others at the London event, or create your own Lost Hours Walk wherever you are.

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