From Elizabeth Warren <[email protected]>
Subject re: Roe v. Wade
Date October 8, 2021 7:55 PM
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[ [link removed] ]Elizabeth Warren

[ [link removed] ]In a moment I'm going to ask if you can make a donation to help
Democrats defend the Senate, but first I want to step back for a moment
and explain why it has never been more important to prevent Mitch
McConnell from retaking power.

Right now, abortion rights are hanging by a thread, even though over 65%
of Americans support access to safe and legal abortion. Why? Because
Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell stacked our courts with far-right
judges and justices who are focused on undercutting or completely
overturning Roe v. Wade.

Here's where the Senate comes in. The only way we can change the balance
of our courts and confirm judges and justices who will affirm our most
important constitutional rights is if we keep Senate control.

But Republicans are only one seat away from
retaking the majority, and Mitch McConnell will do everything he can to
win back power. He and his allies want nothing more than to obstruct
President Biden's agenda and strip away hard-won victories like Roe v.
Wade, so they’re emptying their wallets to try to defeat our vulnerable

[ [link removed] ]So I'm asking this grassroots community to help my Democratic
colleagues fight back. I've set a goal of helping the DSCC
raise $20,000 before midnight, and I'm asking if you can help to reach
it. Please contribute $5 or whatever you can now.

I've seen firsthand the power of grassroots support from donors like

When I first ran for Senate in 2011, the odds were tough. I was a
first-time candidate running against a popular Republican incumbent with
over $10 million in the bank. I was able to win because of grassroots
supporters like you -- and grassroots support is how we'll defend our
slim Senate majority next November.

Across the country, polls are showing our Democratic senators in
statistical ties with their far-right challengers, and Mitch McConnell
is prepared to spend millions in an effort to sling mud at our
candidates, take back Senate control, and roll back our rights.

If we're going to overcome McConnell's attacks and defend the Senate,
the DSCC needs to make early investments -- and that comes down to help
from grassroots supporters like you.

[ [link removed] ]If you can, will you pitch in to help raise $20,000 before midnight?
Every dollar you give will help the DSCC support our Democratic senators
and defend our majority.

Thanks for being a part of this,


Elizabeth Warren
U.S. Senator, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren is a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, a national leader
in the fight against political corruption, and a champion for working
families. Now she's going all-in to defend Democrats' razor-thin Senate
majority. But she can't win this fight alone -- she needs help from
grassroots Democrats like you!

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