8th October 2021
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READ: It's Month For Life. Take a pro-life action this month! 

REGISTER: Lila Rose is the keynote speaker at the PLC National Conference on 30th October!

READ: Stephen Donnelly refuses to say what happens to babies that survive abortion procedures

READ: Texas appeals judge’s ruling blocking new pro-life law

READ: British Medical Journal shows appalling judgement in awarding pro-abortion group

READ: Give yourself a gift today and watch this video!

REGISTER: PLC Network Webinar with special guest Lois McLatchie - TOMORROW

REGISTER: PLC Communications Workshop - 20th October

APPLY NOW - Virtual Internship with the PLC

It's Month For Life. Take a pro-life action this month!

October is Month For Life!

The aim of of the Month for Life is to highlight the pro-life issue, educate the public and engage and motivate pro-life supporters all over Ireland.

A range of activities and events have been organised with the highlight being the Pro Life Campaign National Conference on 30th October. 

Here are some ideas for what you can do to participate! 

- Register for one of the events below

- Order your free car sticker here and display it. Send us a photo of you. 

- Share a month for life social media graphic

- Encourage your priest or pastor to share the pro-life message

Read more about Month For Life Here

Lila Rose is the keynote speaker at the PLC National Conference on 30th October!

The Pro Life Campaign is thrilled to announce that Lila Rose, founder of Live Action, will be the special guest speaker at this year's National Conference which will be streamed live on Saturday 30th October from 11-12.30pm.

Other guests from home and abroad will also contribute to the conference and discuss exciting pro-life initiatives that are starting to produce results and inspire hope for a pro-life future.

In her amazing new book, Fighting for Life: Becoming a Force for Change in a Wounded World, Lila Rose tells how she grappled with her own insecurities and feelings of inadequacy before turning Live Action, the group she founded, into one of the largest and most successful pro-life groups in the world. To date, Live Action has generated over 1.3 billion views for its online videos across multiple platforms, reaching mostly young people with the pro-life message!  

Join hundreds of other pro-life supporters at this year’s conference which will be streamed LIVE online.

Check our social media pages for updates on other guest speakers who'll be joining us for this uplifting and forward-looking conference.

Register TODAY to attend here

Stephen Donnelly refuses to say what happens to babies that survive abortion procedure
Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly
In response to a parliamentary question (PQ) from Galway East TD, Se√°n Canney, the Minister for Health has refused to give any assurances that steps will be taken to ensure babies who survive late-term abortions will not be abandoned and left to die alone without receiving any medical and palliative care.

In his PQ to the Minister, Deputy Canney asked if protocols and guidelines have been put in place after several abortion performing doctors expressed uncertainty about what they should do in the event that a baby survives the abortion, when interviewed as part of a recent study. One doctor interviewed for the study described "begging people to help" when it was discovered a baby had survived the abortion.

In his reply to Deputy Canney, Minister Donnelly acknowledged he was aware of the study carried out by UCC researchers but dodged the question about what he proposes doing to ensure proper humanitarian protocols are put in place to deal with the situation.

It's an absolute disgrace that the Minister and government he belongs to cannot bring themselves to even introduce a modicum of compassion to what is an unspeakable situation, and take whatever steps are needed to ensure no baby is forced to endure unnecessary pain during an abortion or denied medical care if he or she survives the procedure.

The lesson from all this is that neither the Government nor abortion performing doctors can be trusted to introduce humanitarian protocols on their own. They've had three years to do so and refused to take action. 

The issue needs to be addressed through legislation, with an amendment to the abortion law to ensure that babies who survive abortions are given whatever medical care is required. 

Deputy Se√°n Canney deserves credit for raising this important issue with Stephen Donnelly and for demanding accountability.
Texas appeals judge’s ruling blocking new pro-life law
Pro-life event in Texas
On Wednesday, a federal judge in the US issued a temporary block on the Texas abortion ban that has already saved thousands of babies from abortion.

U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman sided with President Biden's Justice Department which is suing the state, arguing Texas’ new pro-life law is unconstitutional because it goes against Roe v. Wade.

The Texas law came into effect Sept. 1 and prohibits abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, from about six weeks in pregnancy. 

Pro-life support groups in Texas estimate the new law has already saved the lives of least 3,000 babies from abortion. 

Responding to Judge Pitman's ruling, Texas Right to Life said in a statement: "The ruling is wildly broad, preventing Texas state officials from enforcing the law, including the shocking order to block every Texas judge and court clerk from even receiving lawsuits filed by citizens against the abortion industry."

Pro-life spokespeople have said that the ruling will likely stop the Texas Heartbeat Act from being enforced for the time being.

The pro-abortion victory will hopefully be short-lived however as the Texas appeal to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is likely to succeed since this court has rejected previous efforts from abortion businesses to block the new law.
British Medical Journal shows appalling judgement in awarding pro-abortion group

In a move that tarnishes its reputation as a highly respected and impartial publication, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has awarded the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) the 'Women's Health' award for their role in overseeing the telemedical scheme that provides DIY home abortions in Britain.

The practice of allowing at home abortions was introduced last year during the onset of Covid-19 and has been continued despite all the concerns raised about the risks associated with DIY abortions and women not having face-to-face consultations with their doctor before the abortion. 

Since its introduction, there has been a significant increase in ambulance call-outs in Britain to women suffering physical complications after taking the unsupervised abortion pills at home, leading to a number of senior politicians, including Baroness Philippa Stroud, calling for the immediate suspension of the practice. 

The decision of the BMJ to give an award to BPAS on such a heated and contested subject shows incredibly poor judgement on their part and diminishes the credibility of the journal as a rigorously independent and trusted publication.

Earlier this week, in reply to a parliamentary question from Carol Nolan TD, the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said that the practice of DIY home abortions in Ireland will be "reviewed" after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. The minister's reply signals an unacceptable shift in policy from the position last year of his predecessor that the practice would be "suspended" once Covid restrictions end. Any attempt by the Government to row back on its original commitment must be strongly resisted.

Give yourself a gift today and watch this video!

We hear so much about all that's wrong with social media and sometimes forget the power it has in changing hearts and minds for the better. It's also great to see the care and attention people devote to producing content that communicates important messages in new and captivating ways.

View the Tik Tok video here

PLC Network Webinar with special guest Lois McLatchie - TOMORROW
Register Now for PLC Network Webinar taking place TOMORROW from 11am-12noon with special guest Lois McLatchie.

Lois McLatchie is Communications Officer with ADF International. The webinar will also include a panel discussion on the Three Year Review and much more!

Participation is free but pre-registration is essential.

Register Here
PLC Communications Workshop - 20th October
Want to learn how to explain the pro-life position and answer challenging questions?

Our next online Communications Workshop takes place: Wednesday 20th October 2021 and will be hosted by Sinead Slattery.

The event will take place from 8.30PM ‚Äď 9.30PM.

The event is free but pre-registration is essential. Participation is limited to 20 people.

Register Here
APPLY NOW - Virtual Internship with the PLC

Would you like to experience working with a pro-active Human Rights organisation?

If you would like, APPLY HERE to our exciting virtual  intern programme for students!

Participants on the programme will have an opportunity to network with other young people and develop skills in advocacy, campaign management and project planning.

Internships run for one-week periods and are suitable for second level (Transition year or older) and third level students.

Each intern will do 4 hours supervised work each day and will be working on areas such as social media, contact with members of the movement nationwide, project planning and contributing to support work for women and their babies.

Internships are not paid, however expenses will be covered.

If you or a family member is interested, please complete the below form and we will be in touch with you presently. Placements are subject to availability. 

Thank you!


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