From Niels Veldhuis <[email protected]>
Subject Canada’s approach to long-term care markedly different than other successful countries
Date October 5, 2021 10:15 PM
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Dear John,

With the recent election and the ongoing COVID pandemic, health care has been front-of-mind for all Canadians.

But as Canadians and policymakers consider changes to long-term care, it’s important to recognize and learn lessons from more successful long-term care systems in other countries with universal health care.

A new Fraser Institute study out today compares Canada to other high-income countries with older populations that have integrated long-term care into their health systems: Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

These countries all spend about the same as Canada on health care as a share of their economy, but they leverage collaboration between the public and private sectors to better meet the needs of their elderly population while allowing them more autonomy and freedom to organize their own care as they see fit.

Check out the full study here [[link removed]], and be sure to spread the news on social media!

Stay safe,

Niels Veldhuis




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