Dear John


You may have noticed that we recently launched our Food Poverty is not a Fair Trade campaign, which seeks to raise awareness of and combat the human impact of a bungled Brexit and our Government’s subsequent political choices which have pushed people into poverty.


We always said that Brexit would hurt the poorest first and worst.

As part of our campaign, we want to hear your thoughts about how Brexit is affecting the most vulnerable in our society.



We want to know what you think about food insecurity, if you or anyone you know has any experiences of it, and how you think food poverty is shaped by the political landscape. 



By completing our survey, you will help us develop a better understanding of public perceptions around food insecurity and allow us to refine our campaigning on this subject so that we can target our approaches more effectively and make this campaign count.



As ever, it is you who drive our work, and we are always grateful for your support and assistance. 


Best wishes,


Naomi Smith

CEO - Best for Britain

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