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Subject Weekly update from Campaign Against Antisemitism
Date October 3, 2021 4:01 PM
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This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism

This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism
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** This week’s updates
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** David Miller fired from University of Bristol one month after CAA commenced lawsuit against the University on behalf of brave Jewish students and amid pressure from Jewish community disgusted by his antisemitic conspiracies
Friday, 1st October, 14:06

David Miller, an academic obsessed with anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, has been fired by the University of Bristol one month after Campaign Against Antisemitism commenced a lawsuit on behalf of current students against the institution. Our legal case against the University concerned alleged unlawful harassment on the basis of Jewish ethnicity and Judaism, amounting to breaches […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Labour suspends Vice Chair of local party branch over remark about Sir Keir Starmer’s “Jewish wife”
Friday, 1st October, 10:03

According to a report, the Labour Party has suspended the Vice Chair of Walsall South Constituency Labour Party after he allegedly claimed that Labour is changing for the worse because Sir Keir Starmer’s “wife is Jewish”. Nick Dodds has reportedly been put on administrative suspension pending investigation after the Party was alerted to his comments […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Far-right organisation Britain First becomes a political party once again
Thursday, 30th September, 17:05

The far-right organisation Britain First has registered as a political party, it was revealed this week. The Electoral Commission approved the group’s registration despite its reputation as a far-right organisation whose leaders have been convicted of, and imprisoned for, hate crimes. Britain First was previously registered as a political party but was deregistered in 2017 […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Roundup of antisemitism news from Labour Conference as Sir Keir Starmer defends backing antisemite Jeremy Corbyn “100%”, saying any Labour government is better than the alternative
Thursday, 30th September, 13:55

On antisemitism, this year’s Labour Party conference has exemplified the tension between public relations and substance and continues to raise questions about how and why the Party’s leadership is tackling the issue. Sir Keir Starmer’s follow-up comment this morning defending his backing of the antisemite Jeremy Corbyn by arguing that a Labour government is better […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Dame Louise Ellman is first Labour exile to rejoin Labour but warns “there remains a great deal more to do to tackle antisemitism” in the Party
Monday, 27th September, 15:44

Dame Louise Ellman, the last Jewish MP to have quit the Labour Party over antisemitism, has today announced that she is the first to rejoin. Dame Louise resigned from Labour in October 2019, shortly before the General Election, after 55 years of membership, asserting that “Jeremy Corbyn is not fit to be Prime Minister” because he “spent three decades on the backbenches consorting […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Controversial activist Ghada Karmi accused Sir Keir Starmer of ‘weaponising antisemitism’ at Hackney Labour meeting
Monday, 27th September, 15:02

The outspoken activist Ghada Karmi has reportedly accused Sir Keir Starmer of “weaponising antisemitism”. Dr Karmi is a former medical doctor and now a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. She is a perpetual presence on the anti-Israel lecturing circuit in Britain and has a history of making antisemitic statements. She was the keynote speaker at a meeting last Thursday […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Sacked Eton teacher shares interview with author who claimed “Jews were always behind pornography”
Monday, 27th September, 14:44

A former teacher at Eton College has shared an interview he conducted with an author who claimed that “Jews were always behind pornography”. Will Knowland, who was reportedly sacked from his position as an English teacher at the prestigious school last year after accusations of sexism were raised against him, shared an interview online in […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** JVL co-Chair expelled from Labour Party as antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation hosts yet another outrageous event at Labour conference
Monday, 27th September, 14:30

The co-Chair of Jewish Voice for Labour, an antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, has been expelled from the Labour Party and thrown out of its annual conference, where JVL was hosting yet another outrageous event. JVL claimed that Leah Levane was expelled “because she rightly said the Party has been cynically abusing antisemitism issues not to protect Jews but to make Labour a […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Antisemitism is being spread through video games, research shows
Monday, 27th September, 13:32

According to BBC Click, antisemitism and other forms of hate, including racism towards other groups and homophobia, is being spread through video games. Examples of such hate were found on the streaming platforms DLive and Odysee where players can stream themselves playing games like Call of Duty, Roblox and Minecraft whilst chatting with other users. […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Over a quarter of Labour conference votes against new semi-independent disciplinary process mandated by EHRC as Sir Keir Starmer absurdly claims vote “closed the door on shameful chapter”
Monday, 27th September, 11:14

Over a quarter of attendees at the Labour Party’s annual conference voted this weekend against the introduction of a new semi-independent disciplinary process. The changes are required by the Party’s Action Plan, agreed with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which found Labour to be institutionally racist toward Jewish people following an investigation in which Campaign Against Antisemitism […] Continue reading ([link removed])

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