Democratic priorities are on the ballot.

All our team’s focus is on expanding Democratic political power in 2022 and beyond so we can work with legislative partners to deliver for North Carolinians. Your help is critical. Please donate any amount before 11:59 pm tonight towards our September fundraising goal >>>


Republicans across the country have played their hand. We’ve watched as voting rights and reproductive rights are rolled back in states like Texas and Georgia, and here in North Carolina, the GOP is taking notes.

My administration remains committed to defending the rights of North Carolinians and making our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family, but when it comes to delivering on the issues, we know that we will be able to get more done if we have partners in the legislature on our side.

From expanding health care access to taking the action necessary to protect our planet, we’ve faced opposition from Republicans across the board. But these are the priorities that we must address now.

By chipping in toward our September online fundraising goal of $15,000, you can help our team get to work electing Democrats up and down the North Carolina ballot. Click here to donate $25 or whatever works for you — and please make sure to get your contribution in before midnight.

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