From Jared Huffman <[email protected]>
Subject This is wrong.
Date September 30, 2021 7:53 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.

Last year at this time we were doing everything in our
power to elect a Democrat to the White House and win back the
majority in both Houses of Congress.

Now, the Biden administration and Democratic lawmakers
are poised to pass an infrastructure and social investment
package that will dramatically improve the lives of millions of
people in America.

But a few so-called “moderate” members of our party are
standing in the way — and they’re willing to blow up the whole
bill for a host of dubious reasons.

This is wrong, John. It isn’t fair
that popular measures like strengthening roads and bridges,
protecting the planet from climate change, and expanding the
child tax credit will be scrapped because a handful of lawmakers
don’t like the price tag or want to appear “bipartisan.”

We need to stand up for the lawmakers who are doing the
right thing for the American people and supporting this bill. All
of us are facing a critical Federal Election Commission (FEC)
fundraising deadline at the end of the month — and we must make
certain those who are showing courage and fighting for our
priorities have the resources to stay in Congress. Will you
donate today to support Democrats like me?
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Some Democratic Senators have argued that $3.5 trillion
is too high a price for this bill, but isn’t protecting our
health and safety—not to mention the well-being of our
planet—well worth the cost?

They also point to the need for working with
Republicans. But hasn’t the GOP made it abundantly clear that
they’re more interested in obstruction and inaction than doing
anything positive for working families?

These Senators are objecting to the measure to lower
prescription drug prices, something Big Pharma doesn’t want.
Meanwhile, they’re some of the biggest recipients of donations
from the pharmaceutical industry (others get loads of cash from
oil and natural gas companies, which explains their resistance to
bold climate change action).

It’s extremely disheartening to watch members of our own
party put big money donors ahead of the American people. That’s
why I need you to give right away and support Democrats who want
to serve their constituents, not their donors.
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Thanks for your help,


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Congressman Jared Huffman represents California's 2nd District,
which spans from the Golden Gate Bridge north to the Oregon
border. As a Democratic leader, Jared is committed to protecting
our environment, fighting for access to affordable healthcare and
equality for all Americans. In accordance with public health
guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Jared has
suspended all in-person campaign events and is relying on support
from his grassroots contributors to power his campaign. Click
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to support Jared's campaign with a contribution today, or sign
on to become a sustaining supporter by making a monthly
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