friend, have you seen CNN's latest “flip list”?
#2 MOST LIKELY TO BE OUSTED: Georgia's Sen. Raphael Warnock
Raphael Warnock won a special election to flip Georgia Blue, handing Democrats a 50/50 Senate majority. He is not just our most important Democrat, he's our most VULNERABLE Democrat. Mitch McConnell just tapped millionaire Kelly Loeffler to unseat Warnock -- Loeffler's first move was to launch a mass-scale Republican voter registration drive to make sure Warnock loses his job.
All eyes are on Georgia. If we lose just ONE SEAT, our razor-thin majority will be history.
When Democrats like you stepped up in Georgia to deliver a Blue Senate, we knew you'd stay in it for the long haul. Warnock's seat is not safe -- will you step up now to save him and protect our majority?
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You are the reason we have progressive champions in Congress who are worth fighting for, friend. Thank you for never backing down -- we knew Sen. Warnock could count on you.
- When Democrats Turn Out
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