Sol Sandoval

Hey — I'm Sol Sandoval!

I'm a proud Chicana, social worker-turned-activist, and longtime community organizer here in my hometown of Pueblo, Colorado. And I'm running for Congress in Colorado's 3rd district to defeat QAnon-conspiracist GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

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For far too long, our leaders in Washington have failed to understand our struggles — now, it's time to send another progressive voice for working people to fight for us in Congress.

I know the challenges that working families in our district are facing because I've lived them. As a social worker, I've been on the front lines helping the people of our community — from professors, to paramedics, and even veterans — get the support they need to keep their heads above water in an economy that's stacked against them.

Together, we have the power to fix our country's broken systems and actually uplift and serve working families. And that's what this grassroots campaign is all about.

Now, I need you by my side as we fight to unseat far-right, Trump-ally Lauren Boebert. It's going to take a lot of resources and hard work to defeat Boebert, who's gotten national attention for tweeting Speaker Pelosi’s location during the January 6 insurrection and spreading white supremacist rhetoric. I'm ready to pour my heart and soul into this race, but I can't do this alone, which is why I have to ask you:

If you're committed to replacing Lauren Boebert with a true voice for our progressive, working-class values, will you contribute any amount that's meaningful to you? Together, we have the power to build a future that we can be proud of — but it'll take all of us working together to build this campaign and grow our movement.

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It's clear: Lauren Boebert needs to be defeated. As our representative, Boebert has ignored the needs of her constituents. Just look at her voting record:

❌ Boebert voted against sending millions of working families direct relief payments during this pandemic
❌ Boebert voted against a bill that would cut childhood poverty in half
❌ Boebert voted against protecting voting rights
❌ Boebert voted against giving Dreamers a pathway to citizenship
❌ Boebert voted against protecting workers' right to unionize

When I replace Boebert in Congress, I will fight to ensure everyone has a seat at the table. But, I need you with me on this journey if we're going to have a shot at defeating Lauren Boebert and sending an advocate for working families to Washington in her place.

Please chip in to build a truly progressive movement for working families. Your initial support goes a long way in helping build the kind of campaign we can be proud of — and one that can win.



Sol Sandoval
Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District

Sol Sandoval