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Subject [Action required] Let’s build back better!
Date September 29, 2021 2:30 PM
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The pandemic demonstrated the value of our infrastructure, and showed how we've taken it for granted for too long. The early shutdowns to stop the spread of the virus proved that the essential workers who keep our society running aren’t being fairly compensated for their labor. And to make matters even worse, these same workers struggled to get by while American billionaires got 62% richer during the pandemic. 

As we rebound from the pandemic, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in the human infrastructure that keeps our country running. Right now, the Senate is working on passing the Build Back Better Act, which would finally adequately compensate essential workers, expand the social safety net, tax the rich – and on top of all of that, it would create green jobs to address the climate crisis. The best part is, we can pass this bill in the Senate through reconciliation, which means only the razor-thin Democratic majority is required to vote it into law.

But Senators are still dragging their feet and watering down this bill, so we’re working with grassroots organizations across the country to ensure the plan is as big, bold, and green as possible. We’re counting on you to join us today: Will you sign our petition to tell the Senate to pass the historic Build Back Better Act?

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We’re fighting for key policies in the Build Back Better Act that would finally take steps to expand the social safety net for American families. This bill would make President Biden’s Child Tax Credit permanent, which would benefit nearly every family in the U.S. and cut child poverty in half. Additionally, the bill would provide free preschool, which would allow low-income families to take advantage of child care. And, it would also implement two free years of community college, which would alleviate the burden of tuition for families and students.

At the same time, the Build Back Better Act would finally address the mass income inequality that is plaguing our country. The bill would raise the top tax rate for uber-rich individuals to 39.6% – which is a step in the right direction. Plus, it would raise the tax rate for corporations making over $5 million. 

And that’s not even all that’s in the bill! There are also policies that would create green jobs, expand Medicare benefits and provide a more reliable pathway to citizenship for immigrants. It’s a MASSIVE step in the right direction for our country, and our economy – and in this time of economic and climate crises, we can’t wait to enact the Build Back Better Act. We must get the Senate to pass this bill NOW!

We can’t stress this enough: Opportunities to pass bills like these are rare. We have a narrow window to pass this huge investment in our country – and we have to convince the Senate to pass this bill as soon as possible. With so much on the line here, will you add your name to our petition and convince the Senate to pass the Build Back Better Act now?

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Thanks for helping us move our country forward during a time of crisis. We really appreciate your support. 

Team Civic Action


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