From Dr. Brian Babin <[email protected]>
Subject Reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols
Date September 28, 2021 10:30 PM
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After allowing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross our border and settle down in American towns and cities, Biden has effectively opened our borders wide open!

This all began after Biden took office and decided to repeal smart immigration policies like the Migrant Protection Protocols. The MPP is very similar to the “Remain in Mexico Policy” wherein migrants attempting to enter the United States from Mexico are held in Mexico until their case is ready to be heard by an immigration court.

This policy allowed for the US to screen migrants attempting to enter without merely letting them in and giving them a court date. Unfortunately, this plan hasn’t worked as experts are reporting that only 13% of all migrants even bother to report in!

Fortunately, the Supreme Court ordered Biden to restore this policy. However, this process has been deliberately slowed by Biden, ensuring that more and more illegal immigrants can cross into our country!

I know Texas deserves better than to be left to fend for itself against thousands of migrants. We have tried time and time again to solve these issues ourselves, but Biden has butted in every time! Thousands of Texans are suffering under Biden's Border Crisis, which is why I am asking you to sign on to our petition and tell Biden to restore the MPP now! [[link removed]]

SIGN TO SECURE OUR BORDER [[link removed]]

Biden’s border policies are just not working. Currently, nearly 10,000 Haitian migrants are living in a pen beneath the Del Rio International Bridge. This has shut down the port of entry, hurting the residents of Del Rio, and for every 1,000 immigrants that were screened by officials, over 5,000 illegally entered our nation.

Border Security is our National Security, and allowing in thousands of unvetted immigrants is a recipe for disaster! Biden cannot continue to keep these migrants waiting in the dark at squalid camps throughout the US. I want to see results, not more disasters, that’s why I am calling on you to sign on to our petition to restore the MPP now and to clean up Biden’s mess! [[link removed]]

RESTORE THE MPP NOW [[link removed]]

For Texas,

Dr. Brian Babin

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