From Carl DeMaio <[email protected]>
Subject help with criminal investigation
Date October 23, 2019 11:26 PM
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Late on Monday night Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered a criminal investigation into why California’s gas prices are so high. By Tuesday morning I called a press conference to release a detailed cost study that gives him the answer: Sacramento Democrats who raised the gas tax are to blame!

We got the truth out on every network so voters at least now heard both sides and I invited them to join our campaign to reverse Newsom’s unfair and costly gas tax.

If I were already a Member of Congress, I could have also requested an investigation of my own into not only why gas prices in CA are so high, but where have all the gas tax revenues gone and who diverted the money?

Help me make that investigation a reality by helping me win this Congressional seat!

CONTRIBUTE SECURELY: Investigate Gas Tax Fraud
This is exactly why I’m running for Congress — someone has to lead the fight in California! Taking over a Congressional seat will give our movement more resources to do our own investigations of corruption and promote the truth to voters.

But I cannot do this alone — I can only win this Congressional seat and use it to lead the fight for California with YOUR HELP.

Can you contribute today to help me fight?



PS: While I’m annoyed that Newsom is trying to shift the blame for the high gas prices that he caused, I’m furious that no other California Republican elected official bothered to challenge the Governor and expose the truth. Not. A. Single. One. If you are tired of weak Republicans not fighting in California, it is even more reason for you to support my campaign today. Here's the secure link

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