Last week, 12 Democratic candidates for president took the stage to discuss the most pressing issues plaguing our country. Somehow, there was not a single question regarding the climate crisis.

This is unacceptable, and we must demand that our leaders take climate change seriously. It’s an issue that’s already affecting Illinoisans on a daily basis.

Climate change is one of the biggest issues we’re facing, and we must take action to address it. If you agree, add your name to our petition now.

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In Congress, I’m facing climate change head-on. Last year, I joined the Climate Solutions Caucus, and I have a 90% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters. I’ve been fighting to promote energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure that all Americans have safe drinking water.

We don’t have time to waste on our climate; we must rise and find solutions NOW. Sign our petition if you’re with me:

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Dan, an engineer and former teacher, has brought hundreds of millions of dollars in critical infrastructure projects to Illinois, fought for better schools, protections for our seniors, reforms to fix our broken Congress, and sought to make healthcare more affordable for all. We are grateful for your support. Please take a moment to like Dan on Facebook or follow Dan on Twitter. If you’d like to contribute to help Dan keep fighting in Congress, you can click here to support Dan’s reelection now.


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