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Subject I’m a Teacher. I’m About to Quit. | Jessica Wildfire
Date September 19, 2021 11:00 AM
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Today's highlights

I'm a Teacher. I'm About to Quit.

So are thousands of others.

Jessica Wildfire ([link removed])
·6 min read

Business Insider·5 min read

I'm Gay, Old, and Now Disabled

How do I cope with my diagnosis? ([link removed])

James Finn ([link removed])
in Prism & Pen ([link removed])
·5 min read

5 Data Science Youtubers You Should Follow

Because we could all do with a little productive procrastinating

Umair Evans ([link removed])
·3 min read

In case you missed it

What a year of crisis taught me about company culture

This year has been an advanced course in humanity for our human-centric team

Rachel Grahame ([link removed])
in BACKED ([link removed])
·6 min read

The Gavin Newsom Rule: Never delegitimize your own election.

If it's good enough for Trump… oh, wait, it wasn't.

Mike Selinker ([link removed])
·8 min read

What's new in Flutter 2.5

Performance improvements, DevTools updates, new Material You support, a new app template, and more!

Chris Sells ([link removed])
in Flutter ([link removed])
·18 min read

Quick reads

Companies Are Looking for Unicorns

Job hunting has become a nightmare

Anton Lex ([link removed]-)
in ILLUMINATION ([link removed]-)
·3 min read

React Hooks: Understanding useEffect

So what are hooks?

Angel Rodriguez ([link removed]-)
·3 min read

How To Build a Beautiful GUI With Go

Welcome back! Go (or Golang) is a growing programming language, it seems to be gaining traction every single…

Manpreet Singh ([link removed]-)
·3 min read

Editors' picks

Using the Waste Heat of Computers

The heat produced by big data centers mostly goes to waste but could be used productively instead

Christian Behler ([link removed]-)
in Climate Conscious ([link removed]-)
·6 min read

The 'Unfairness' in the J6 Prosecutions

What's unfair in this process is who isn't being prosecuted

Lessig ([link removed]-)
in GEN ([link removed]-)
·5 min read

A Search Engine Designed To Surprise You

The "Marginalia" search up-ranks sites that are text-heavy - with truly offbeat results. Call it "serendipity…

Clive Thompson ([link removed]-)
in OneZero ([link removed]-)
·5 min read

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