September 17 2021
Happy Constitution Day from Washington, where Democrats want to raise your taxes big time. We’ve got the basics from Matthew Dickerson and Richard Stern. Backpedaling, Amazon allows advertising for a book exposing Black Lives Matter leaders. Fred Lucas reports. On the podcast, Virginia Allen talks with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich about taking President Biden to court for requiring Americans to get vaccinated. Plus: what Americans don’t know about the Constitution; a white professor grovels before the woke mob; and TV comics disdain the pro-life message. On this date in 1787, as the Constitutional Convention winds down in Philadelphia, 39 of 41 delegates present sign the Constitution of the United States of America.
8 Things You Need to Know About Democrats’ Tax Increase Bill
By Matthew Dickerson

Congressional Democrats finally unveiled the legislative text of the largest tax increase in more than 50 years. 
'Drastic Power Grab': Arizona AG Talks Suing Biden Over Vaccine Mandate
By Virginia Allen

“Nowhere in the Constitution does it provide or does it allow the president or the federal government to require any sort of vaccines,” says Arizona attorney general
Amazon Reverses Ad Ban for Book Investigating BLM, Cites ‘Inaccurately Enforced’ Policies
By Fred Lucas

“I’m glad they reversed their decision. But who made the decision in the first place?” asks author Mike Gonzalez. “Was it someone who just disagreed with its content and decided to ban it?”
White College Professor Tells Students She Will ‘Confront the Innate Racism Within’ Herself
By Kendall Tietz

A college professor apologized to her students for the privilege she benefits from as a white female.
'Comedians' Curse and Spit at Pro-Life Activists
By Tim Graham

The abortion industry can count on TV entertainers like Seth Meyers to rally to its side with all the anger and profanity they can muster.

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