Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed one of the country’s most restrictive voting rights bills into law last week. Voting is perhaps the most sacred right in America, and the GOP is determined to eliminate that right for anyone they think may vote against them.

Most Republican-controlled states will follow suit unless Congress passes nationwide voter protections. Will you pitch in today so we can fight to ensure everyone in this country has the right to vote?

Here’s what the law does:

  • Bans 24-hour voting locations, targeting shift workers who used them at night.
  • Bans drive-thru voting, which was a safer option for people rather than gathering inside during the pandemic.
  • Creates more barriers to access vote-by-mail.
  • Allows “poll watchers” to walk freely around polling places, with the sole exception of watching a voter cast their personal ballot.

This isn’t just happening in Texas, it’s already happening right in my backyard of Georgia. State Republicans have already passed voting suppression laws specifically targeting voters of color. This is the new Jim Crow, and it’s why we need real voting protections.

The Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act which protected voters of color. Will you contribute to our movement so we can pass voting protections in Congress?

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Thank you for your support,

— Hank Johnson

Congressman Hank Johnson is a former defense attorney, DeKalb County commissioner, small business owner, and magistrate judge who now serves in Congress as a champion for the middle class.

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