Election 2019
Wrap Up

Hello John,

The historic first election featuring the People's Party of Canada is over. Although the result was not what we were hoping for, there are many reasons for us to be encouraged.

In just over a year, our party has gone from not existing to taking 1.7% of the national vote (as of the sending of this email). New Parties take time. Even the Reform Party only took 2.1% of the vote in their first election and won no seats and they grew to 52 seats in their next election.

Today is not the end. It is just the end of the beginning. When there is a minority government, there is usually another election in 18 to 24 months. Between now and then, we plan to redouble our efforts because Canada needs us more than ever.

We want to thank our leader, our candidate, our party staff, but most importantly every one of you. It is your efforts out in the field, planting signs, making donations, talking to your friends and family about our movement and the passion you show which will drive the party forward.

Thank you for all of this.

Over the next few days we have a few requests.

1) Please be positive. Although the result is not what we expected, it is progress and we need everyone to know our party is here to stay.

2) We will be working hard to collect all our signs off the streets and off the lawns over the next 48 hours. If you have a sign on your lawn, please leave it up and after Wednesday evening if your sign has not been collected or if you see any signs out on the roads or corners, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] and we will come gather them.

3) Keep spreading the word. Remember, we are the fastest growing party in Canadian political history and we expect to continue this growth.

On behalf of Scott Miller and the whole campaign team, thank you for your support.

Kanata-Carleton People's Party of Canada EDA
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