A friend sent me a clip from Hollywood Lefty Stephen Colbert’s show. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it but I wanted to share.
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Hold Joe Biden Accountable Patriot,

A friend sent me a clip from Hollywood Lefty Stephen Colbert’s show. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it but I wanted to share.

On the show was Fox News resident leftist whore, Chris Wallace, who was pimping out his latest book.

After Wallace whined about how he was “sickened” by the January 6th protests and referred to Congress as our “democracy”, his buddy Colbert then made the shocking comment: “Our democracy itself is actually more important than any individual life.”

That is complete horsesh*t!
Help Freedom Watch hold Biden Accountable!

Socialists, Communists and other leftists believe that “democracy”, i.e. our government, is worth trashing and enslaving ALL American lives just to maintain its power and control over us.

Like everything else about their beliefs, they have it twisted and sick!

Government is USELESS if it doesn’t fight for every life.

And the Biden Regime is giving up and in effect participating in murdering hundreds if not thousands of American lives that they abandoned in their cowardly withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Help Freedom Watch hold Biden Accountable!

Biden’s bumbling, dishonest and traitorous administration has already missed a Congressional deadline to report the number of Americans left behind to be hunted by the Taliban.

And what will Congress do?

Not a damn thing as always.

Our government that Colbert would give up every life for, can’t even hold ground to the Taliban whose “fighters” would never stand a chance against an American warrior!

Biden and his halfwit laughing witch VP, Kamala, literally left behind American men in women in a hostile nation!

If this doesn’t motivate you to fight, then my friend, you’ve given up.
Help Freedom Watch hold Biden Accountable!

My staff and I are not letting up and we’re fighting the Biden Regime on ALL fronts.

Any place we can attack through the courts and our citizens grand juries, we’re doing it . . . every single day!

But I need you fully on board for this fight as I know it will go on for years.

I know because I’ve done it.

For the eight years of Slick Willy and Crooked Hillary’s reign of corruption, I filed hundreds of lawsuits with the group I founded, Judicial Watch.

And that effort made a big impact!

Slick Willy was so shell-shocked by the flurry of personal cases I brought against him and his equally corrupt wife Hillary, that he was paralyzed and for months refused to do much of anything out of fear of my exposing the truth through lawsuits that forced him having to spend millions more on attorneys. He was so mad that he attacked me personally when I killed a mortgage to his corruptly obtained house in Chappaquoi, New York, to set up a phony residence for Hillary’s Senate campaign in New York. The video can be seen here.
Help Freedom Watch hold Biden Accountable!

And his White House aides would break down during depositions that even Politico recently called “bizarre, almost postmodern depositions that often led the witnesses to incur tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills” for what were legitimate legal cases to counter the rank corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics!

I remember the day Bill Clinton was standing and pontificating his bs, during his impeachment, in the White House Press Room and let it slip that we live in a “Larry Klayman world” of litigation!

We need Biden and Harris to have that exact same fear before the power of Lady Justice by and for we the people.”
Help Freedom Watch hold Biden Accountable!

When they screw over the American People, they will know that Freedom Watch is coming after them.

We won’t stop.

We won’t relent.

We won’t show mercy.

And we will never settle for anything less than absolute justice.

Are you with me?

With Vigilance,

Larry Klayman
Larry Klayman, Esq
Chairman and General Counsel
Freedom Watch

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