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Subject John, could you build Sandro a new home?
Date September 10, 2021 12:03 PM
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Your gift today could give Sandro the care and sanctuary he deserves

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Dear John

We urgently need your help. Sandro, a beautiful 15-year-old tiger, was forced to endure many years in a shocking, barren pen, in a rundown zoo in Spain. He paced back and forth, with no enrichment and little shade from the blazing sun, noisy visitors banging on the glass.

Despite his ordeal, Sandro never lost the fire in his luminous eyes.

Your support meant Born Free could bring him to a tranquil sanctuary in northern Italy, in April. And thankfully, after years of our campaigning together, the ghastly zoo has closed.

Today, in a temporary enclosure surrounded by birdsong, Sandro is free to take a dip in his swimming pool, saunter across the grass and take a leisurely patrol through the trees. What a contrast to his former life of deprivation!

But we urgently need funds to create the spacious, permanent enclosure he deserves and provide him with loving, care for life. Can you help Sandro? He has waited long enough.


Sandro has suffered so much at human hands, but together, with your generosity, we can make all the difference.

How your gift could help Sandro

£5 could buy health-enhancing vitamins£14 could buy two day’s nutritious food£195 could buy one week’s loving and expert care£3,500 could build a climbing platform (tigers love a good view of their surroundings)£10,130 could look after Sandro for one year including food and care£21,000 would help create a spectacular, spacious, new enclosure

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How wonderful Sandro is now safe from harm. Your kind gift can now help ensure he’ll receive the best possible lifetime care.

Thank you for helping look after this remarkable tiger.

Maggie Balaskas
Head of Rescue & Care

Photos © AWS, NHC

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