Democrats and the Biden Administration are committed to putting working families first.
Carper for Senate

I hope you had a restful Labor Day weekend, John.

On Monday, we celebrated the unions and workers that have tirelessly fought for better wages, better hours, better retirement, and better working conditions. The pandemic in particular has underscored how much we rely on workers who get up every day and keep our country running: the health care providers, first responders, grocery store clerks, postal workers, sanitation workers, caretakers, teachers, and so many others. We’re so grateful for their service.

I’m proud that we now have a president and a Senate majority that are centering the legislative agenda around the needs of working families. 

That’s why we delivered the American Rescue Plan to help workers get through this difficult time with stimulus checks, the biggest tax cut for working families ever, expanded unemployment insurance, and support for small businesses.

And it’s why I led the Senate in passing major bipartisan infrastructure legislation that will invest in a clean-energy economy to create millions of good-paying jobs.

The Biden Administration and Democrats are committed to honoring the contributions made by workers in Delaware and across the country -- today and every day of the year. 

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