Psst John, AAF was on break last week—did we miss anything?

Woof. It's been seven whole days since the unprecedented, incredibly cruel bill known as SB8 went into effect in Texas, but my team at AAF is all rested up and limber from our time off and we're ready to burn it all down. Who's with us? 

Aside from spiraling into various rages these past several days, I've been absolutely in awe of the incredible abortion providers, funds, and organizers in Texas who have stepped up to face this monster head on. As a board member of the Whole Woman's Health Alliance, I couldn't be prouder of the clinic staff who have shown that they are committed more than ever to providing legal abortion care for their patients.

Texans will fight hard, they always do. But we need to have their backs and stand up loudly, without hesitation or stigma, for abortion. Let's center providers and patients and emphasize the dignity and morality that comes with providing an abortion and choosing to have them.

Here’s what were gonna do for Texas & we’d love you to join us:

STEP ONE: follow and DONATE if you can to Texas organizations on the ground—the abortion funds, the practical support groups, the providers, and the advocates helping patients navigate this bleak new world:

My fellow Feminist Buzzkills Marie and Moji joined me for an IG Live yesterday to talk through what happened in TX and what's next

Links to each of these groups can be found at, or you can
make a donation to split evenly between ten organizations at this link.

STEP TWO: Defend abortion publicly today, and every day. Defend those who provide the care and advocate your asses off to make sure in your conversations abortion providers are centered as essential and compassionate healthcare providers. Right this very second you can urge Congress to pass a federal law to protect abortion access nationwide.

And if you have had an abortion (or three!), join me in signing on to the People's Amicus Brief! I'm signing because I want SCOTUS to know my abortion allowed me all the opportunities I have had, and I demand that freedom for others. We won’t remain silent as this Court guts abortion access!

STEP THREE: Stay tuned here and on Abortion Access Front's social media for updates and more ways to take direct action, including a huge nationwide mobilization on OCTOBER 2ND! Join us in exposing these shameful Texas laws as an attempt by a sexist minority to control us, and show #SCOTUS that Americans have abortions and want to continue to be able to.

I had an an abortion because I wanted one. Everyone deserves that right without government intervention making it impossible to access. Texas is the test balloon. The rest of the nation is next.

What are you gonna do about preventing it?

In solidarity,
xx Lizz


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