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Subject Fresno County Democratic Party Newsletter September 7, 2021
Date September 8, 2021 6:10 AM
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Sept. 7 Newsletter from the Fresno County Dems

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Newsletter: September 7, 2021
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** In This Newsletter:

Countdown to Stop the Recall (#Stop-Recall)
Track Your Recall Ballot (#Track-Your-Ballot)
Help a Local Food Bank (#Food-Bank)
Kingsburg Council Member Fights Right-Wing Recall (#Jewel)
Ongoing Fresno Redistricting Discussion (#Ongoing-Redistricting)
The Climate Threat is Here (#Climate-Threat)
FUSD Trustee Terry Slatic Continues to Be a Disgrace (#Slatic)
Fresno Labor Agreement Promises Empowerment for Trades (#Labor)
Clean Shared Mobility Network Community Meetings (#Mobility-Net)
Vaccine Hesitancy Lands Children in Hospitals (#Vaccine)
District 1 Employment Opportunities (#District-1)
March for Reproductive Rights (#Women's-March)
Democratic Party Website and HQ (#Dem-HQ)

California stands on the precipice of allowing a Trumpist GOP candidate to slip into the Governor’s mansion without going through the standard election process. Make no mistake, if Gavin Newsom is recalled, his replacement will come from the worst ranks of the conservative movement.

Even with a Democratic-controlled legislature, a radical right-wing governor could do incredible harm to our state even as we are still struggling to protect our residents from Covid-19 and collaborate with the federal government to build back from the economic damage of the past year and a half.

It is not enough for us to just send in our ballots with a NO vote. We need to reach out to every person we know and ensure that they have done the same. We also need to reach past our own networks of friends and acquaintances because this challenge is bigger than us. The Fresno County Democrats are organizing an effort to help.
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All voters can now get critical updates on their ballots through California’s official “Where’s My Ballot?” tracking tool.Signing up takes less than three minutes.

You can also copy this URL into your browser: ([link removed])

Can you think of a relative, neighbor or friend who might be interested in ballot tracking? Share this URL with them.

What you’ll be able to track

Where's My Ballot? White Background

You can select to receive notifications on the status of your vote-by-mail ballot by text (SMS), e-mail or voice call, including alerts if there are any issues with your ballot and instructions for how to correct them to make sure your vote is counted.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to track your ballot every step of the way.

Text “food” to 202-858-0303 (tel:202-858-0303) for a list of food banks in your area.

Republicans are raising money in their effort to recall Democratic Kingsburg City Council Member Jewel Hurtado. But Democrats are fighting back. People Opposed to the Hurtado Recall is coordinating efforts to resist this latest and most local prong of the Republican strategy to win through recalls when they fail in democratic elections.

The effort to kick Hurtado out of office intensified when the Council member advocated raising a Pride flag on town property to show support for LGBTQ+ residents of Kingsburg. The recall paperwork claims Hurtado has ​​”demonstrated a Marxist/socialist agenda in her activities and actions.”

All Democrats are urged to get involved. If you don’t live in Kingsburg you can still help. Contributions are always welcome and can be given via the following link:

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Ongoing Fresno County Redistricting Discussion

Redistricting decisions will shape our communities for the next 10 years. Will residents be empowered, and their concerns addressed? How district lines are drawn can keep communities together. Or they can be carved up, their voices silenced, their interests ignored.

At the weekly Fresno Equitable Map Coalition meetings, the proposed Equity Coalition community map for the Fresno County Board of Supervisors (courtesy of Dolores Huerta Foundation’s demographer), is discussed to address significant communities of interest and mobilize for upcoming redistricting hearings. Compelling community stories can make a difference.

Fresno Equitable Maps Coalition Meetings: [link removed]

Hope you can join us and spread the word.

What was once called alamism is transitioning into realism. However, this new perspective has its own danger. It is easy to slip from “climate change is a long-term problem” straight to “it’s here so all we can do is focus on protecting ourselves from the damage.”

The tricky thing is that each of us has to be conscious of both. In California, that means hardening habitations against wildfire and preparing to last through blackouts. But it also means reducing our own carbon emissions, reducing our water use and directing our support toward others who are doing the same while trying to avoid supporting people who make the situation worse in order to preserve business as usual.

Fresno Unified School Board District Trustee Terry Slatic has been accused of using bullying and “temper tantrum tactics” against other Board members and members of the public. His primary defense seems to be that he is the only White man on the FUSD Board and thus cannot be a bully; evidently, in Slatic’s opinion, all bullying requires multiple perpetrators.

Slatic’s tirades are impeding the ability of the FUSD Board to conduct its business of educating and protecting our children.

Slatic’s tactic of speaking over parents during their designated period to address the board is intolerable. His erratic and aggressive behavior makes some of his fellow elected members of the Board, by their own report, worried to be in a room alone with him. His willingness to deny the reality of actions plainly witnessed by others places him firmly in the worst ranks of his fellow post-truth Trump Republicans.

Slatic has been under censure from the Board for most of the period since 2019, equating to about three-quarters of his total time in elected office. His previous censure related to multiple incidents involving him at Bullard High School, including a physical altercation with a student.

Now he faces new censure for his aggressive conduct in Board meetings. By his own quote, he “does not care” about any censure he might receive and makes no promise to improve his behavior.

The Democratic majority on the Fresno City Council has passed a citywide labor agreement with the Fresno, Madera, Kings and Tulare Building and Construction Trades Council that promises to provide greater development of local jobs in the trades as well as strengthening labor’s potential to build Fresno’s economy.

Unsurprisingly, Council Member Garry Bredefeld was the only vote against this agreement. Although Mayor Jerry Dyer was rumored to be intending to veto the measure, the 6-1 vote is enough to override the mayor’s opposition to anything involving unions.

Recently, UC Merced’s Community and Labor Center conducted a research study which found that a municipal project labor agreement for Fresno such as the one just passed would benefit more than 200 construction jobs per year on average. The agreement focuses on workers who live within the city of Fresno and provides for local apprenticeships that allow for new entries into skilled industries.

And if that was not good enough, these studies show that through project labor agreements, when union labor holds the contracts the cities receive completed projects for cheaper than when using non-union contractors.

Across the United States, the decades-long decline in the prevalence and power of labor unions has been directly associated with the decline in wage growth and rising inequality. Labor has been hamstrung by anti-union policies at every level of government, and to improve our American life, that needs to change. With this measure, Fresno is taking steps in the right direction.

Every third Tuesday, the network meets to discuss improving electric vehicle charging access and other transportation improvements and solutions needed to help cut our region’s contribution to damaging the atmosphere while making people’s lives easier.

All meetings are 5:30 p.m.–7 p.m. Agendas will be provided prior to the meetings. Upcoming meeting dates: Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16 and Dec. 21.

Meetings will be held virtually until CDC-compliant in-person meetings can be held.

For any question, e-mail [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) .

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The Clean Shared Mobility Network is supported by the California Strategic Growth Council’s Transformative Climate Communities program with funds from California Climate Investments—cap-and-trade dollars at work.

Children have a lower chance of contracting serious harm from Covid-19 than adults, but the risk is still real. The law of large numbers means across the country thousands of children are being taken to already overcrowded and overstressed hospitals.

Even when Covid patients escape death, terrible side effects from the disease’s damage have remained for months and months as we wait to see how long Covid actually is.

As children under 12 cannot yet get the vaccine, it is up to us to do everything we can do to protect them, as well as vulnerable adults who due to preexisting conditions cannot benefit from the highest level of protection others might receive from the vaccine.
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Women’s March Fresno will hold a March for Reproductive Rights on Saturday October 2, at 9:00 a.m. Fresno County Court House march starts at M St will end at Fresno City Hall.
For more information visit: [link removed]

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News and events will alway arise faster than this newsletter can come out. That is why the Fresno County Democratic Party website is the best place to get regular updates on upcoming events in the area, as well as information on ways to get involved. There is also information on scheduled meetings from the many Democratic clubs in Fresno County, so you can find one that most suits you and your interests.

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The Democratic Party HQ (1033 U St ([link removed]) .) is open 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday–Friday (and Saturdays through the recall election). Call 559-495-0606 (tel:559-495-0606) or e-mail [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]?subject=Re%3A%20Newsletter-9-7-21%20) for information or to volunteer.

Support your local Democratic Party by making a donation viaActBlue ([link removed]) or by mailing a check to Fresno County Democratic Party, P.O. Box 5795, Fresno, CA 93755.

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