From Jared Huffman <[email protected]>
Subject [petition] show you oppose shipping coal
Date September 7, 2021 7:05 PM
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John —

I’ll get straight to the point: a shadowy corporation is
working behind the scenes to start exporting coal to Asia through
the Port of Humboldt Bay in my district.

This company wants to get its dirty hands on the North
Coast Railroad Authority’s right-of-way between Willits and
Eureka - a stretch of abandoned track that traverses incredibly
sensitive habitat along the Eel River, and use it to ship
planet-killing coal from the Powder River basin to Asia.

As far-fetched as this scheme sounds, it’s deadly
serious and there’s big money behind it. To get to Eureka, this
coal train would have to go through the North Bay and then follow
the Russian and Eel Rivers, which sustain fragile salmon
fisheries and provide drinking water for nearly one million

John, at a time when our
climate crisis is wreaking havoc all around us, there is no way
we can allow our region to become part of a scheme to export coal
-- the number one contributor to global warming. Will you stand
with me and show your support by signing our petition?
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The big money group behind this coal train scheme is
being secretive about exactly who is behind it, but it likely
includes several coal companies in Montana, Utah and Wyoming who
have cut a Faustian deal with the Crow Tribe to monetize the
tribe’s huge reserves of coal in the Powder River basin.

By establishing a shell company in Wyoming to do their
dirty work, they’re attempting to fly under the radar. Their
recent filings in a federal railway proceeding involving the
defunct North Coast rail line have offered few details about
their scheme. But we know who they are and what they’re up to. We
need to stop this terrible proposal NOW, before the federal
proceeding goes any further.

We can’t allow a huge coal export scheme in northern
California. Can you immediately add your name to my petition
opposing this disastrous move?
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Thank you for your support.

— Jared Huffman

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