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Subject Thank You! Without you, I would not be able to do this work.
Date September 7, 2021 3:30 PM
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Dear Friends,

The movement Open Markets helped launch in the 2010s formed in response to an increasing recognition that corporate monopolies are to blame for a wide array of social, political, and economic inequity within the American economy. Monopolies destroy businesses, rig the economy in favor of financiers and the wealthy, suppress worker wages and opportunities, stifle and stall the expansion of social justice, and maintain a system of control over Americans merely seeking to enjoy an ordinary standard of living. Those of us lucky enough to work at Open Markets are striving, every day, to ensure our mission of riding the economy of corporate monopolies becomes a reality.

Despite some momentous victories this year — such as President Joe Biden’s historic executive order on competition, the appointment of former Open Markets’ legal director Lina Khan as chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission, and the initiation of the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google — the movement against concentrated corporate capital will continue to be a long and arduous one. In fact, the real work is just beginning.

Now that antitrust is back at the center of lawmakers’ attention, Open Markets must not only continue to supply high-quality publications and research to guide the debate, but also remain vigilant to ensure that the actions taken by President Biden, Congress, and other decision-makers will create the foundation for a permanently de-monopolized, democratic, socially equitable economy for all.

The entire staff of Open Markets is unbelievably dedicated to the idea that everyone deserves an economy that works for them. It is an utter privilege to work with some of the brightest scholars and thinkers in the antitrust reform community. I couldn’t be luckier than I am right now — and it is all because of your support for this organization and the mission we fight for every day.

Our small team has an astonishingly high output. So, you can be assured that your support — in any form or of any amount — to Open Markets will be far-reaching. Over the past year, I have been fortunate enough to publish incredibly influential pieces of work. Some of the publications I am most proud of include:

A research paper [[link removed]] discussing the harmful and onerous surveillance practices implemented by Amazon to control every aspect of their workers’ day and how to prohibit the corporation from implementing such tactics. An op-ed published in ProMarket [[link removed]] detailing how exclusive deals (contracts, implied agreements, or asserted practices that force dependent firms to engage exclusively with a firm) have been used by dominant corporations to monopolize markets for 150 years — and what the FTC can do to fix it. A research paper published in Competition Policy International [[link removed]]describing how self-preferencing (when a firm unfairly modifies its operations to privilege its own, another firm’s, or a set of firms’ products or services) can violate Section 2 of the Sherman Act as an act of monopolization. An op-ed published in The Reboot [[link removed]]urging lawmakers to prioritize implementing structural breakups and other antitrust remedies before spending precious legislative time on modifying Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. An op-ed published in The American Prospect [[link removed]] proving how the Rural Electrification Act enacted by President Franklin Roosevelt during the New Deal provides a model to implement universal broadband in the United States.

Fundraising is an exceptionally challenging task for nonprofit organizations. An enormous amount of effort goes into timing and messaging to explain to current and would-be supporters the importance of our work and the impact we have had in a given year. Nevertheless, it is a fundamental aspect of nonprofit work to ensure our organization’s long-term viability, and the achievement of our mission.

The stark reality is that without your donations and support [[link removed]], the Open Markets Institute would not exist — never mind remain an independent organization that does not accept funding from private corporations. And importantly for me, I would not be able to follow my passion for providing the intellectual foundation needed to rid the American economy of corporate monopolies.

Without your support, my colleagues like Sandeep Vaheesan would not be able to publish vital research and be a critical voice in the legal antitrust world. Similarly, because of the support of our donors, I would not have been able to publish four research papers and 23 op-eds in the past year detailing the harms that corporate monopolies cause to workers and our country and the benefits that regulation and other controls can provide to create a fairer, more equitable marketplace for all.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your help. Together we will stop monopolies, build collective power, and rebuild our country so that it works for all people. Help me continue to do this work by donating to Open Markets here [[link removed]].

All the best,

Daniel A. Hanley

Senior Legal Analyst

Open Markets Institute

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