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Subject Saturday Summary: Texas Passes Voter ID
Date September 4, 2021 12:15 PM
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Fellow Conservative,
On Tuesday, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1, a much-needed election integrity bill that will make it easy to vote and hard to cheat in the Lone Star State.

This new law includes <[link removed]> voter I.D. requirements for mail-in ballots, protections against ballot harvesting and voter intimidation, and safeguards for poll watchers.

Despite Texas Democrats’ campaign of smear tactics and PR stunts against S.B. 1, Texans have made it clear that they want their elections secure and safeguarded.

Congrats to the activists on the ground in Texas who relentlessly fought for this victory! Conservative activists, Governor Abbott, and the Republicans in the state legislature should be commended for not giving up in the face of slanderous opposition.
This is a monumental win for election integrity, but the fight is ongoing. We MUST stop Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi from passing two bills that would federalize our elections and undermine state voter-integrity laws.

They are:

- S.1/H.R.1 - The Corrupt Politicians Act <[link removed]>
- H.R.4 - The Pelosi Power Grab <[link removed]>

Heritage Action will continue to support election integrity measures across the nation, so be sure to visit <[link removed]> to find out how you can help.
Democrats Vote to Keep Racist Teachings in the Military
On Wednesday, the House Armed Services Committee held a markup meeting for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which authorizes the annual defense budget. Late Wednesday night, Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) proposed an amendment to the NDAA that would ban critical race theory (CRT) teachings in the military.

The amendment contains language from Rep. Bishop's (R-N.C.) and Sen. Cotton's (R-Ark.) Combating Racist Training in the Military Act <[link removed]>, for which Heritage Action issued a key vote co-sponsorship in July.
However, the Democrats in the House Armed Services Committee voted unanimously to reject Rep. Banks’s common sense amendment. The message is clear— Democrats embrace and endorse the racist teachings of CRT.

Our latest polling shows 79% of Americans <[link removed]> are opposed to the racist teachings of CRT. Americans are fighting back, and Heritage Action is deeply committed to fighting alongside you—it’s why we launched a new initiative, with activist resources, at <[link removed]>
In case you missed it, this past Monday Heritage Action launched <[link removed]> — a one-stop resource for anyone fighting to kick CRT out of our classrooms.

As we’ve seen this week with the NDAA, the Left is trying to infiltrate every institution in America with this Marxist and anti-American ideology. Schools are among our most sacred institutions and we must protect them from critical race theory.

Particularly as parents send their kids back to school, we are arming them with the information and resources <[link removed]> they need to confront CRT.

Resources available:

- Federal legislation to support
- Model legislation for state legislators to enact
- Instructions for submitting FOIA requests to gather information
- A way to report examples of CRT by emailing [email protected] <[link removed]>
- And more to come, as the school year continues

Sign up at <[link removed]> to receive special updates on this issue. And be sure to share the website and resources with those in your network.
Our work on CRT was spotlighted on Real America’s Voice. Watch a quick clip <[link removed]>, or the full program here <[link removed]>.

Thank you for your continued support in advancing conservative principles in our government. As evidenced by the passage of Texas’ S.B. 1, our grassroots activists can and do have an incredible impact on legislation. Keep up the good work and enjoy the long weekend!

Jessica and the Heritage Action Team
Join the fight to advance the conservative agenda.

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