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Subject John, will you co-sponsor our call for Big Oil executives to testify in front of Congress?
Date September 3, 2021 8:59 PM
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John -

The evidence is clear: Fossil fuel companies knew about the threat of the climate crisis decades ago.

Yet, over the course of nearly forty years, these companies spent millions of dollars to spread doubt and misinformation about the dangers of fossil fuels — robbing a generation’s worth of time to transition our economy to renewable energy.

The fossil fuel industry continues to manipulate public opinion and exert undue influence in shaping policy in Congress. The leaked tape revealing Exxon’s lobbying practices proves the industry’s disinformation campaign is still active and well.1

That’s why and I are demanding that top fossil fuel executives testify in front of Congress — even if it requires subpoenaing them in front of Congressional committees.

With my position as the Chair of the Environmental Oversight Subcommittee, and the strength of’s grassroots supporters, we know that we can hold these Big Oil and Gas executives accountable.

Will you add your name today if you agree that Big Oil must testify before Congress and be held accountable for their climate deception?

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Not only does our movement need to demand accountability from the world’s most powerful fossil fuel companies, which have resisted Congressional oversight in the past, we also need to show the fossil fuel industry — and the politicians they’re lobbying — that we won’t allow their multi-billion dollar federal handouts to stand. Not when the climate crisis is already exacting catastrophic damage across the country.

Fossil fuel companies knew that they were advancing the climate crisis, but they ignored the science and lied to the general public. And we refuse to let the world burn from Big Oil’s deceit.

It’s time to hold ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel corporations accountable for fueling the climate crisis. Join and all our partner organizations by signing onto my call for a hearing with Big Oil executives today.

Add your name » [link removed]

None of this work would be possible without you. Thank you for rising up and doing what you can to support our movement.

In solidarity,

Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17) and Team 350


1 Washington Post - Exxon lobbyist details efforts to blunt Biden's climate agenda in leaked Greenpeace UK video

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