From Mason Leschyna <[email protected]>
Subject Essex PPC Vote TOMORROW for Bill Capes!
Date October 20, 2019 7:24 PM
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Tomorrow is the big day: please make sure to get out and vote for Bill Capes in Essex!

Please also tell everyone you know to do the same. We need to send a message to politicians that we are tired of their hypocritical pandering to special interest groups and their radical political correctness. It's time for common sense to return to Canadian politics.

I certainly hope the PPC forms government tomorrow; however, the most important thing is that we solidify ourselves as a new choice and position ourselves to grow further in the next election. Instead of voting against something, please consider voting FOR us!

If you have door hangers, pass out as much as you can today and note that advertising and literature drops are not permitted on election day. Please also share our platform comparison chart <[link removed]> (which can be downloaded as a printable PDF <[link removed]> or a shareable gif <[link removed]>).

Unfortunately Bill and I will be working tomorrow; however, regardless of the outcome, we will organize an appreciation event for all of you who made our amazing progress possible! I am exciting to see how well we do (I think the public will be in for a surprise).

Finally, if you placed signs (or see a PPC sign), please help us take them down on Tuesday and Wednesday (there is a tight timeline and we have limited resources). If you collect signs, keep them in your garage and send me an email so we can arrange pickup.

Thanks again: I look forward to the results tomorrow!

Mason Leschyna
[email protected]
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Essex PPC Association - 442 Leffler Dr, Tecumseh, ON N8N 4Y2, Canada
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