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Subject [AVFCA] WIN - AB455 is dead for this session, but we need to keep the pressure on!
Date August 31, 2021 12:09 AM
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We won! The potential bill (AB455) that would have mandated vaccines for all Californians is dead for the session!
But we have to keep the pressure on!!
Share the petition, come to Sacramento September 8th and get people to vote Yes on the Recall

A Voice for Choice Advocacy just got word that Assembly Member Buffy Wicks has decided not to move forward with the potential bill that would have require ALL employers in California to require all their employees to be full vaccinated, and would require everyone 12 years and older to be fully vaccinated to enter any inn, hotel, motel, or lodging establishment, any restaurant, bar, cafeteria, lunchroom, lunch counter, soda fountain, or other facilities engaged in selling food or beverages for consumption on the premises, and any motion picture house, theater, concert hall, sports arena, stadium, gym, spa, or other place of exhibition or entertainment. However, she is committed to working on it over the fall and coming back with a revised proposed bill either in a special session or in January.

The other potential bill (AB1102) by Assembly member Low that a mends current state discrimination statute (Section 12940 of the Government Code) by specifying that the law does not prevent an employer from requiring a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment for all employees, interns, apprentices or those seeking unpaid work experience, as well as requires a vaccine passport is still very much alive.

The only way to stop these bills from coming back is to vote Yes on the Recall, and remove Governor Newsom. If he is still in office after September 14th, 2021 these bills will be passed later this year or next year.

We have to keep the pressure on!

Please take the following three actions:
1) Sign and share this petition to show your opposition to this bill and to mandating vaccines in California.

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(Please share this link far and wide)

2) Come Sacramento September 8 for a rally and demonstration organized by V is for Vaccine and AVFCA

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3) Get active on the Yes on the Recall Campaign through Rescue California ( [link removed] [[link removed]] ). Regardless of your political affiliation, you should be concerned for the future of California if Governor Newsom is not recalled. Our legislature, both Assembly and Senate have a super Democrat majority and our Governor is also Democrat, which means there are no checks and balances. Anything the Democrats want to do they will get done. Furthermore, Governor Newsom has declared a State of Emergency since March 2020 and thereby legally has the power to order anything he wants, which he has. If Governor Newsom is not recalled, you will be guaranteed more vaccine mandates, more lockdowns, and more restrictions on businesses. There are strong replacement candidates, who have spoken out against mandated vaccines and who have said they would stop the state of emergency immediately. The change will come regardless of who is elected, but that can only happen if Governor Newsom is recalled.

Please take Action TODAY!

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Together we can make change happen!

Christina Hildebrand
A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc.
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