From PPCDonValleyWest Sec <[email protected]>
Subject PPC Don Valley West EDA Newsletter #10 (19 October 2019)
Date October 19, 2019 4:31 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
*PPC Don Valley West EDA Newsletter #10 (19 October 2019)*

· *This is IT!* All the interest and support we’ve all extended to
the People’s Party of Canada over the past year has really been focused one
thing: demonstrating that the PPC is *a serious and permanent element* of
Canada’s political present…and future.

In your Editor’s opinion, this boils down to one thing: *the PPC vote total*.
This election will not be so much about how many PPC MPs are elected as it
will be about getting the absolute *maximum number of votes across Canada*.
This will show how serious we are, and how well the PPC message has
resonated with Canadians.

It’s always a LONG road to electoral credibility for a newly formed
party…it was that way for the Green Party, and for the Reform Party. The
first step on that road is to get *the absolutely maximum percentage of the
popular vote that we can.* It’s not too late even now for you to persuade
family members, friends, co-workers and others to give the PPC their
support on Monday 21 October. Even if you personally have already voted in
the Advance Polls, keep plugging our great party among those who haven’t
yet gone to the ballot box! *Reminder:* the polls are open from *9:30 AM to
9:30 PM* on Monday.

· *Strong DVW turnout in the Advance Polls.* The staff at the local
Don Valley West Elections Canada office have told us that *more than 16,000
residents voted in the four days of advance polling* (11-14 October). The
grand total vote count in the 2015 election for DVW was something over
51,000, so if this year’s participation rate grows to, say, 55,000 votes to
be cast, that means that 29 percent of DVW voters participated in the
Advance Polls…and that shows a significant interest in this election!

· *Did you get your Ian Prittie flyer?* The last of the nearly
22,000 election flyers that your EDA had printed to promote our candidate
Ian Prittie is being delivered today (Saturday 19 Oct). Monday having been
Thanksgiving, plus a rainy Wednesday, slowed the process down a bit, but
they should all have been delivered by the time you read this.


*We still want to properly assess how well the distribution went, *

*so please send a quick e-mail to our EDA Secretary* at
*[email protected]* <[email protected]> *to
confirm you whether you did, or did not, receive that flyer at your
residence. *

*If you’ve already confirmed, Many thanks!*

· *Web site for checking election results.* Elections Canada has
noted that you can go to this Web site on election night to get *real-time
vote results* from across Canada: **
<[link removed]> . Now, that is the basic Elections Canada Web
site, and currently shows all kinds of info about getting registered to
vote, being hired to work at polling stations on Election Day, etc., -- but
apparently as of the evening of Election Day there will be an area added by
which you can follow the actual voting returns. This will be a faster way
to track our progress in Don Valley West than by watching the “talking
heads” on the major TV networks, where the coverage of any given riding is,
of course, only infrequently reported.

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