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Subject Boris Johnson’s ‘New Deal’ Delayed
Date October 19, 2019 3:37 PM
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Boris Johnson’s ‘New Deal’ Delayed
October 19th 2019

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Dear Friends and Supporters

I want to start by saying a huge thank-you to you, our supporters, for everything you do to support the work Get Britain Out is doing. 2 weeks ago, we asked you to join our postcard campaign and as it currently stands, more than 5,000 of you have downloaded our postcard and sent it to the Prime Minister asking him for a clean break from the European Union. This is fantastic and will have given Boris Johnson a lot to think about while he was negotiating with the other European Leaders. If you haven’t already sent one, the link is here ([link removed]) .

Over the last 2 weeks, we’ve seen events come fast and thick, with Parliament being successfully prorogued on Tuesday, October 8^th and a Queen’s Speech being held on Monday, October 14^th – the same date a Queen’s Speech had been originally planned before the Supreme Court ruled his first prorogation to be illegal! In the Speech, Her Majesty confirmed the intention of the Government was still to Leave the European Union on October 31^st – in 12 days’ time - and to see no further delays to the Brexit process.

‘Project Fear’ continues to be well and truly debunked. Andrex has pooh-poohed the idea we might all run out of toilet paper after Brexit and confirmed nearly all of their products are produced from UK sources. Jaguar Land-Rover has also committed to building a new 3 million square foot distribution centre in Leicestershire, which will export into more than 80 markets worldwide. Even German supermarket chain Lidl has rubbished ‘Project Fear’ by confirming they will be investing £15billion into their UK stores over the next 5 years, and intend to improve their selection of UK meats and produce.

The truth will always out, and the Remoaner scare stories are increasingly being proven wrong. We are one of the largest economies on Earth and are more than capable of standing on our own two feet! This will be vital given the European Union may soon be dragged into another recession as the German economy hangs on a knife-edge.

Moving on, it is impossible to have missed the publication of Boris Johnson’s ‘New’ Withdrawal Agreement on Thursday this week following agreement by the EU and the other 27 Member States at the start of the European Council Summit. After only 85 days as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has done the impossible and brought the EU back to the negotiating table! However, the Withdrawal Agreement he has reached is, according to our analysis, 95% the same as Theresa May’s rubbish deal, which was defeated 3 times in the House of Commons. Some issues have been moved around from the legally binding Withdrawal Agreement to the non-legally binding Politically Declaration – and I believe this has been achieved with your support and our many communications with both Prime Minister Johnson, and the former Prime Minister, Theresa May.

You can read our summary of the ‘New Deal’ here ([link removed]) . The speed of Boris Johnson’s renegotiation of the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, shows us what could have been achieved if we’d had a Brexiteer Prime Minister from the very beginning, instead of the Remainer, Theresa May! We were betrayed by Theresa May and those Remainer MPs in Parliament who are also betraying the Leave voters in their Constituencies – both Labour and Conservatives - and it is about time the Leave result of the June 2016 EU Referendum is finally honoured.

Get Britain Out has written to Boris Johnson TWICE about the issues in the Withdrawal Agreement since he became Prime Minister – and we have written to all his Cabinet TWICE. However, Boris (and his Cabinet) have chosen to focus almost entirely on the Irish Backstop, despite the very serious problems we have identified around fishing rights, future defence cooperation, the sharing of UK citizens data and many other points - which you can see in our Factsheet on the ‘New Deal’ here ([link removed]) .

The truth is Boris Johnson’s renegotiations are not as ambitious as they could have been - and have left us with a very meagre offering. Some Brexiteers may have accepted it in order to move forward, but this DOES NOT make this a ‘Good Deal’ for the whole of the UK – and could clearly end up with the destruction of the whole United Kingdom, as you may have seen illustrated in the House of Commons Debate today!

Get Britain Out as a campaign has fought extremely hard to ensure grassroots Brexiteers get what we voted for in 2016 – and we will continue to do so after Brexit! We have weighed the pros and cons of this ‘New Deal’ and have found it lacking in quite a few places, which we have identified. It still does not deliver the full benefits of a real, true and clean Brexit for the entire United Kingdom.

This Remainer-biased Parliament has temporarily stalled this ‘New Deal’, which in our view does not deliver in full on the promises made to the electorate in 2016. It does not get us closer to a GOOD Free Trade Agreement with the EU. It locks us into following European Regulations - which we had no hand in creating - for many years to come. Frustratingly, it also appears if we do not agree to all of the Political Declaration, the EU has a right to refuse - or seriously water down - any Trade Agreement we are offered. So, what happens then? If the EU continues to play the games they have been renowned for so far, hopefully, Boris Johnson will have the strength of mind to walk away in December 2020, so we can still leave the EU with ‘No Deal’ and begin trading on WTO terms, without further interference from the EU!

Remain politicians must stop trying to frustrate the Will of the People and support a Clean Break Brexit instead of denying the result of the EU Referendum in 2016. It is likely this 'New Deal' will be brought back to Parliament sometime next week.

We still have a great deal to do to ensure our future outside the EU.

I am asking for your help yet again – As we must ensure the Prime Minister and the Government understand what the Great British Public want and need when we finally Leave the EU. Until the majority of Remain MPs (particularly in Leave-voting constituencies) are removed from Parliament in the next General Election, we need to make sure the voices of the People are continually heard. I have now prepared a letter to personally deliver to the Prime Minister in the next two weeks, if possible, laying out what we – that’s Get Britain Out and all our supporters - believe are the key elements which must be discussed with the European Union in any future negotiations.


As Brexiteers and Supporters of Get Britain Out, I have prepared a letter which I plan to deliver to the Prime Minister in the next few weeks. To add you names to countersign this letter ([link removed]) , firstly, read the letter and if you would like to add your name when it is delivered to No 10 Downing Street, please send me a simple e-mail to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) with the word ‘AGREED’ - together with your NAME and your POSTCODE, and then we can add you name to the letter. Please forward the letter or this e-mail, with these details, to as many people as possible to let the Prime Minister know the voters’ concerns.

* Get Britain Out’s Senior Research Executive Joshua Mackenzie Lawrie wrote for The Commentator about how Remainer collusion could legally rig the next election ([link removed]) .
* We discussed the latest efforts by former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond to thwart the Referendum result ([link removed]) .
* We have supported Facts4EU as they continue to produce one-page documents discussing the real facts about Brexit, all of which can be found here ([link removed]) .
* We have prepared a summary of Boris Johnson’s ‘New Deal’ which can be read here ([link removed]) and we have identified the major failings of this ‘New Deal’ which can be read here ([link removed]) .

* Lidl plan to invest £15billion into their UK supermarkets over the next 5 years. ([link removed])
* Remainer plot to force a second referendum collapses. ([link removed])
* The EU refuses to rule out another Brexit extension. ([link removed])
* During the most important sitting of Parliament in 50 years MPs have decided they should be able to watch the Rugby ([link removed])

That’s it for the Special Edition of our e-Bulletin. Today’s sitting in Parliament has been the first sitting in the Chamber for 87 years!!!

Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team.

P.S. URGENT: We know you are already committed to Brexit, but we really need you to help circulate this information to even more people, many of whom also want to be more informed. Since the EU Referendum, many Remainers have changed their minds, and need as much information as possible.
So please forward this e-mail to as many people as possible and ask them to countersign my letter to the Prime Minister. Please ask them to read the letter and if they would like their names to be added as a co-signatory when it is delivered to No 10 Downing Street, e-mails should be sent to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) with the word ‘AGREED’, together with NAME and POSTCODE so we can add names to the letter.
It’s easy.
Also, they can click this link to Sign Up ([link removed]) to our fortnightly e-Bulletins – and it is FREE!

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P.P.S. Please don’t forget, we really need your help with DONATIONS towards securing the Best Brexit for Great Britain – every £ counts!
Donations can be made via bank transfer, cheque, standing order or Paypal – all the details are here ([link removed]) .
Cheques should be payable to The EU Referendum Campaign Limited and not Get Britain Out. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card donations (unless via PayPal) or foreign currency cheques. With such a small team, we are cannot personally thank all of those who donate to the campaign, but your contributions are very much appreciated. If you would like an acknowledgement, please provide your e-mail address.


P.P.P.S. A MASSIVE thank-you, as always, to everyone who helps us try and secure the Best Brexit for our nation. We will not stop our work until we are free of the constraints of the EU. With a small team, we are unable to answer queries at length, so if you do send us brief comments, they should be sent to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) , but we will only be able to send a short reply to some of them. In case any are urgent, please put URGENT in the Subject Line.

Huge thanks,

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